Thursday, July 21, 2011

This is what I had planned for my day

I was up at 7:30 (Okay so I'm a late sleeper). The 3 grands were arriving about 8:10. At 7:45 the phone rings, it's my favorite BIL (the one that's like my little brother). He says "What time does the retiree blacksmith get up to pick corn?" I  said "soon". So as soon as I hung up I woke hubby up and told him "time to pick the corn" (If only it was time to make the donuts I would have been happier.)

Grand kids came and I start frying bacon and making corn cakes for them. Just as it was time to eat, the blacksmith came home, they had picked 3 rows of corn. After his 2 bigger than bushel baskets were overflowing, they threw more in the back of his jeep.

After breakfast, this is what I really wanted to work on, 3/4 of a bushel of peaches to can, freeze and make peach salsa.

Or I wanted to show you the finished mattress pad, that I tied using my SIL quilt frame.

Or I wanted to talk about this quilt top

Instead this is what we did. We hired child labor.

Even the smallest of them was a big help. We shucked corn, lots of corn.

We ended up with 27 QUARTS of cut off corn.

We did take a break and went for a dip to cool off. After all it hit triple digits here today!

Here are half of the empty cobs.

After cooking the corn, you cool it down in ice water.

We took breaks for lunch, swimming, ice cream and blackberries, and lots of gatorade. The 3 grands went home about 5. The blacksmith and I continued to work up the corn until after 7:30.

And so once again tomorrow I hope to work up the peaches. Maybe even get my make up on and my hair washed!


Anonymous said...

It sounds like a grand life you live. I would love to live like that. I live in the city,not much room for a garden. We do grow tomatoes,peppers,radishes, herbs, etc. in containers. There's just something about working with the earth. My grandfather always had a huge garden when I was growing up. It was wonderful. When he passed , no one continued the tradition. Fine family you have as well. God blessed you, didn't he?


Zoey said...

What a great family activity. You do know how to make hard work fun!

Will you be making a fresh peach pie?

Marge said...

Hope we're having something peachy for lunch because I'm on my way! Looks wonderful! And what is that quilt pattern? I like.

Deanna said...

Isn't it amazing how much help kids can be? That water looks so refreshing. I can't wait until our pond is completely full and the mud has settled so that we can jump in for a refreshing dip on these hot days.

You are going to enjoy that corn so much this fall and winter! It looks great.

Your quilt looks great too.

camp and cottage living said...

How precious the kids are to help!
Our children actually recall fondly the times we put them to work with the garden.
You are one busy lady! I wish I had that corn and peaches to put up. Next year-that's my grand plan.

Karen said...

Oh are making me look bad. I haven't canned a darned thing yet. We've been eating or selling or giving away what we've grown so far. Corn is looking a bit whimpy, not sure what we did wrong, could jsut be the ridiculous weather patterns we've had this year.