Saturday, July 9, 2011

LePage Steam engine show 2011

Another fine day at the LePage Steam Engine show. 

Our booth was located under a majestic oak tree.

This is their BBQ wagon.

Just a view down the lane.

Lining up for the parade.

Neighbors far and wide line up for the parade. In this case, it's our next door neighbors. Butch, Julie, Jimmy, Mark, and Amber.

Now to see what the real action looked like visit Osage Bluff Blacksmith blog.


Flat Creek Farm said...

Nice shady spot for the booth! Looks like a fun day. I quickly checked out one video on your Blacksmith's blog.. and I swear, I could actually smell the smoke from those machines. Brings back some good memories from growing up w/ the Mark Twain (Paris) Old Threshers. I'll send my blacksmith over to check it out too :) Enjoy your Sunday! -Tammy

GerryART said...

Great summer time activity.
Looks like loads of fun!

missing moments said...

What a fun time ... that cooker is making my mouth water!

Deanna said...

We missed it again this year - looks like a great time. You had some great weather. I could do with some of the BBQ right now!

Hope you survived this HOT day!