Saturday, December 10, 2011

#10 Away in a manger December photos

I'd love to tell you about my set. My Mother tells the story of how I saw this at a local hardware store when I was 5 years old. Money was tight. My daddy worked in a shoe factory.  Mom was a stay at home mother. She told me if I wanted it I would have to use the money in my bank. Sure enough, the next time we went to town, (which sometimes was by Greyhound bus for the 8-10 mile trip), I took my bank along and bought it. It is showing signs of wear over the years, but I still love it the same as the day I bought it 54 years ago.

The other day my SIL had a luncheon for her sisters, sister in laws, and Mom. Grace can set one heck of a showy table. We all know Grace has many sets of everything. This includes her decorated Christmas trees, 15 this year. 

Starting on the left and going clockwise is Grace, Janie, Darlene, Mom, Marla, and me. One sister, Karen, and sister in law, Larraine, missed out on a great luncheon!

These sisters are all in love with the family recipe for hickory nut cake. I am proud to say the hickory nuts came from a tree in my backyard!

Another family tradition are shavings. These are basically the same recipe you use to made egg noodles. You roll them as thin as possible, cut into rectangles, make slits, and fry. Sprinkle with sugar and cinnamon while still warm.

I snapped this picture in the bedroom when I put my coat in there. I only wish I had taken pictures of the other 14.

Stay tuned, for tomorrow is our Christmas sisterhood party!


Lori said...

What a precious story of your nativity set. Great memories!

Zoey said...

Those shavings sound the left over pie dough cinnamon things.

What a great story about the nativity scene. Now you have that memory every time you bring it out.

I like the white tree. I have almost bought one several times. The only thing holding me back is I really don't have room for another tree.

Karen said...

Love the nativity story!... you need alittle straw in there.

Also love the 14 trees, what a wonderful feeling there must be in that house. The table looks beautiful - And.. recipe for the hickory nut cake? It looks delicous.

Barb said...

So very festive....the table looked awesome. Love the tree.

Rita said...

That hickory nut cake is to-die-for!