Thursday, December 29, 2011

Quilts and pieces

Back in June, I put this hand embroidered quilt in the frame in my living room. My mother made it over 20 years ago. I decided it was time to have it quilted. Thanks to some help from my MIL and friends, Deanna and Rita, I finished it just before Christmas.

It turned out better than I ever expected it too.

The details are just beautiful!

I also finished little Miss Sadie's quilt.  As planned she was named Sadie, but I didn't finish the quilt until the day after she was born just to be sure. Sadie's daddy works as a lineman where I work. I had asked you fellow bloggers if I should add the name before she was born. It was unanimously a big NO.

I always like to included the year I make the quilt.

Another project finished just before Christmas.

Now this project was started months ago and is getting a little closer to completion. This is a paper piece pattern for those of you that don't quilt. This piece measures 20 1/2 by 8 1/2 inches and has 126 pieces of little fabric!!!  I can't show you the front yet, as it's a surprise for someone. However there are two more pieces that measure the same size and those two combined have 508 little pieces of fabric in them.

By the time this small quilt is finished I expect it to have close to 700 pieces of fabric and will not be as big as a baby quilt.

Do you all have leftover cranberry sauce you made?  Here is what I made with ours today. I have the recipe on my pinterest. If you haven't joined pinterest yet let me tell you, it can take up more time than blogging and facebook combined!

Back to my tiny pieces of fabric. Stay tuned!


StitchinByTheLake said...

Your mother's quilt is just stunning. It was beautiful to start with but even more so now. blessings, marlene

Brandi said...

Ah, another Pinterest junkie? Have I found you on there yet? I'll have to check... I actually haven't been on there in a week or two, but OMGosh, it is addictive!

Your mom's quilt is just WOW! Hand-embroidered. I can't even imagine how long that took! It's beautiful, beautiful, beautiful! Love your baby quilt too! I'm very interested to see the pieced quilt. :)

Flat Creek Farm said...

Beautiful quilts, Patti, as always. Now, that paper piecing project with oodles of pieces makes my little head spin to look at! I use several Pinterest recipes, and some of them I made for Christmas. I saw that one you pinned.. and yum.. will try that one too. Happy New Year to you and BT!! -Tammy

Zoey said...

Love your mom's quilt. Is that a scallop pattern you used all over the quilt?

I am intrigued by the paper pieced quilt. . . expecing to see one of the silver lining patterns????? Can't wait until you show it!

Barb said...

Oh looks fantastic on the bed.....

Deanna said...

My daughter has been talking about pinterest. I am scared to death to check it out. Just what I need is another time waster!

I love your quilts. That paper pieced one looks like the ultimate challenge. Can't wait to see it!

Happy New Year to you and BT!

Tonya said...

wow, all those paper pieces, I can't wait to see what this is.

Rural Revival said...

Are the smaller pieces harder to sew together? My mom bought me a new sewing machine and we made a wall hanging together in the fall. I really liked sewing the pieces together! They were all straight so I could practice sewing in a straight line, after making two pillow cases. :-) Now that Christmas is over I'm anxious to try something else.

GerryART said...

I love paper-piecing.
They turn out so precisely what was intended.