Friday, December 2, 2011

#2 A list

List, don't we all have them?  I hate it when I lose my shopping list before I even make it to the store.

Today I found these lists laying around. Don't you just love the honey do-list I left the blacksmith before I went to work today? You'll notice I sealed it with a kiss!

Now I do have a Christmas shopping list, with every one's name and what I think I want for them. But I can't show you that list, as most of the family reads my blog.
However after listing to Elizabeth's request in the below video I might have to change her present.

Yesterday I had quite a few of you ask about the rush light. A rush light is a type of  candle or miniature torch formed by soaking the dried pith of the  rush plant in fat or grease. For several centuries rush lights were a common source of artificial light for poor people. Candles were saved for when company came as they were more expensive and hard to come by.

The blacksmith sells his for $85.

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Marge said...

Lists. Love them. Can't function without them! My cup holder in the car is full of grocery lists, to-do lists, errand lists, etc. Every once in awhile I take them out and toss them, getting ready for the next batch of lists!

Your little Elizabeth is absolutely precious!