Wednesday, September 5, 2007

August 28, And we might be on America’s most wanted

By 7:05, we were up dressed and ready to hit the road or as Bonnie says “Barn Sour”. * The office was still closed, there was no one or no where to pay fees, we quickly wind in the electrical cord, as is the guy in the pick up truck next door and we hit the road. We are now the get away camper. We stop for gas and in front of us is a black Ferreri, sharp car. We grab a coffee and a granola bar for the road. Going down the main street, the Ferreri passes us, like we were sitting still. I watch the rear view mirrors for cops, either chasing us or the black Ferreri.

In less then an hour and a half we are waiting on the bridge at Cairo for our turn to go across
during construction. It was a scary feeling, especially when the bridge started to gallop, we are thinking about

the bridge that collapsed in Minnesota. Bonnie and I look at each other without saying a word; we know the thoughts going through each others mind. Luckily we are stopped over land and even thought it would be a hard crash, there wouldn’t be the water. The 10 minutes we waited felt like an hour. I finally started taking pictures of tug and barges on the Mississippi to pass the time.

280.7 miles from our get away RV park we pulled into Cape Girardeau to claim my Jeep. We had left it at Bonnie’s friend’s house. No one was home, but the keys were left in it. I then follow Bonnie to her house, 71 miles later we were at Bonnie’s place and it was close to 11:00.

I walked over to
PeolaValleyForge and did some shopping. Lee, the potter is moving after 23 years here to Springfield MO. I just had to have some more of his great hand thrown items. AT 12:34 I said my goodbyes to my friend and partner in crime for the past 12 days. What a great trip we had! It was fun to see new places, enjoy great company and good food with Bonnie. And in the end we (being Thelma and Louise) kept the camper from going off the bluff!

I drive another 148 miles back home and arrive just a little after 3:00. Time to take a shower and wash my hair and look a lttle more presentatble for BT. And then it's laundy, the party is over :(

* Racing Home – One of the initial symptoms of a barn sour horse is a horse that speeds up the pace as he nears the barn on the journey home. Most of the time the horse does this of his own accord since he's simply excited about returning home, but sometimes a rider will actually canter the horse down the final stretch for fun.

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