Sunday, September 23, 2007

Us Girls get tired feet.

I rolled out of bed about 7:45 and headed for the kitchen, made a pot of coffee and feed Bentley. I then took the jeep and drove to the top of the road where our big Sunday newspaper is delivered. (I don't want to walk that far in my pj's.) As I drove down the driveway a deer jumped across the drive in front of me. What a beautiful site this early in the morning. Back at home I made myself a big ole cup of Mocha Cappuccino and took the paper to the deck. The morning air was so fresh and smelled of fall coming. After all I think today I am correct finally saying this is the first day of fall?!?

BT came out on the deck about 9:00 with coffee in hand. Shortly before 10, I called and told Rei who answered I was up to company anytime. Mindy called back and said they would be out in a bit. Just as they arrived I was starting to mix up the cream cheese icing for the chocolate pumpkin cake. Mindy asked if there was anything she could do. I immediately took her up on her offer and told her she could ice the cake. That is one department I was never very good in. She did a Martha Stewart job on it, including putting wax paper under it to keep the platter clean.

The women left about 12:30 and headed to the antique shops in Jefferson City. Our first stop was Immanuel Baptist Church where our great Uncle Fate Cardwell was a janitor. My Aunt Faye was also the last charter member of that church when she died. We then went past my grandparents house at 614 Georgia Street, where my Dad grew up. I now have a cousins living there. After that it was onto Missouri Blvd Antique Mall. 2 hours later we emerged with a few purchases. I found a cane, the first one to go in our new cane rack. We looked at lots of Pyrex bowls for Rei and anything for the kitchen in yellow for Mindy. Rei was the only one who left without a purchase. From there we went to Yellow Moon antiques until it closed on us at 5:00. Mindy got a great antique but I'm not allowed to talk about it on here just yet. She also purchased an Atlas quart fruit jar with a zinc lid and some silver teaspoons.

I gave them the day time tour of what they saw last night after dark. We stopped for Mindy to take a picture of the Missouri State Capitol, the Governor's Mansion and trucks at A-1 Cardwell's Moving Company. It was then onto Wal-mart where we picked up bread, potato chips, paper plates, bottle water, cheese, deli ham and smoked turkey to feed the "cousins" tomorrow. While Rei and I split the cost for the groceries, Mindy called Dale and told him we were headed home.

As soon as I walked in I told BT to get the BBQ fire going. While he grilled the Bratwurst, Mindy and I made Rita's Orange Cashew Avocado Salad. We set the table and added Potato Salad, and potato chips. After dinner we had coffee and chocolate pumpkin cake, it was very tasty with the cinnamon and cocoa in the cream cheese icing , but also very rich. Dale and I couldn't eat just that very last piece either.

Then it was time for show and tell of my quilts. Dale and Mindy took pictures. Dale and Bernie then went to the computer and printed off a genealogy chart for tomorrow. We got a few supplies together like a highlighter to mark everyone on the chart that attends, chalk and tracing paper to read old tombstones.By this time Mindy said she was getting tired and she wanted to get to bed to have a bright early start in the morning. Dale wanted to pick out his gift from what BT had forged for the cousins. I also had a gift for him and Julie (wish you were here Julie). But once again I can't reveal those gifts. We decided they should be here by 8:45 and then we said our good byes.

Tomorrow should be exciting.

10:17 pm 76.8 degrees

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