Saturday, September 29, 2007

Shopping Day Friday Sept 28th

It was a slow start, cappuccino, Regis and Kelly, phone calls and addressing a few envelopes. I head to town about 10 ish. My first stop was TJ Maxx. I did a leisure stroll and looked at many things. I picked up a crock water bowl for Bentley, I passed on several pairs of gold earrings on sale and settled on buying myself a black sweater with bead work around the neck. Looks very fallish. As I was checking out, the clerk scanned the crock which was labeled "water" and asked if I had a dog. I should have said no, it's for my son or something just a equally stupid.

I slowly drove past the new Kohl's that is to open any day. I was hoping they were doing a soft opening and I could get a sneak preview without a crowd. Their sign out front said "Now Open September 30th". So that is a little confusing, it's only September 28th, are they open or not? I saw no one coming and going so I will catch it next week.

Wal-mart wasn't too bad, I picked up a few necessaries and groceries. They had no burlap that I wanted for a table scarf so I then headed to Hobby Lobby. Before I even got to the burlap, there was a sale table. $2.00 to $3.00 a yard, I couldn't pass up that bargain. I stopped with two pieces. When I went to have the fabric cut, the lady had just cut one of the fabrics I was purchasing into remnants. I asked it they were cheaper, yes. WOW I saved .80 cents. One fabric I bought had coffee cups on it. It will make a great wall hanging with some coffee things paper pieced. Oh yes, and I got a yard of the green Burlap.

One more stop for fresh meat at Schultes and I was ready for a sweet tea at McDonald's.

Home by 1:00, Lona called to say Mom wasn't feeling well. Her blood pressure was up. I then went out and fired up the lawn mower, cut around the mail boxes at the top of the road and along our drive at the Pine trees. When I got back to the house to cut, I let Bentley out and he accompanied me as I cut row by row.

When BT arrived home early (Jean and early out day) I was fringing the burlap on the deck. I didn't want all the lint in the house. All three of us enjoyed a drink on the deck. Dirty water for BT, White wine for me and ice cubes for Bentley.

Jeremy and the boys came after their picture taking at Osage Bend Church. We pulled out the smoked cheddar cheese and crackers as BT was frying Fish and french fries. After dinner Brady and Alex had Mandarin orange cups and cake for dessert.

Rest of the evening was taken up with bike riding outside and computer games after dark. Lori came about 8 to pick them up. BT watch the season premier of Vegas and I watch Diane Sawyer interview Jenna Bush.

And here is Brady's Kindergarten picture this year 2007-2008. What a cutie!

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