Wednesday, September 26, 2007

I thought the Cardwell's were gone.

Sleeping in till 7:30 was awesome. I got up made cappuccino and feed Bentley. Shortly after that I got a call from Dixie Cardwell Lynch, my first cousin from St Louis. She was riding to Jefferson City with her daughter for the day as Julie had a meeting in town. Dixie wanted to know if I wanted to go to the Lake of the Ozarks shopping. I declined due to the hair appointment. She was going to call Mom. So I got ready to go for my hair cut and color. Oh no only my hairdresser was to know that fact.
I found the shop with no trouble. Since my last visit 8 weeks ago, they had a brand new salon across town. Ali and I had a lot to chat about, her wedding reception, the gift I brought her, her plans to build a new house, my Folk School vacation and the Cardwell reunion.
It was almost noon when I arrived back home. I worked on the smell in my car, only to find out the rubber mat in the cargo area was completely wet beneath it. YUCK. I let Bentley out and went inside for a bite of lunch.
About 1:00 I sat down and thought I'd watch some shows I had on
tape when Bentley started a barking fit, one like I had never
heard.I yelled at him and he'd stop for maybe 2 minutes and then start up again. So I went to see what he was barking at. I saw a very large black Cat he had treed about 14 feet off the ground. I sat back down and tried to watch TV but 40 minutes later he still wasn't happy with the cat up the tree. So I got him a piece of chicken and lured him to the kennel.

At 4:00 the grandsons came for the evening. Lori was going shopping, the YMCA and Wal-mart. After dinner Grandpa and I took them outside so they could ride their bikes. Brady learned to play flying squirrel with Bentley.
Lori called about the time she was to pick the boys up. Someone had stolen her debit card and over $200 cash from her billfold. It seems they took her car keys from her bag inside the Y, went to the car, took the money and card from her billfold in the console and returned her key to her bag inside. She explained to the police she had filed a report last week, when she went to the doctor someone hit her car in the parking lot and took off. An estimate today revealed $1200 damages on that. Not a good day for her. Poor girl.

Sarah called and got to talk to the boys, Alex talked the longest, Brady was too busy with his Elmo computer game to talk.
I took the boys home about an hour later. Lori was busy on both the cell phone and the house phone. It seems the thief had already charged over $300 at Best buy tonight. I gave the boys a bath, medicine and vitamins and read them 2 books and tucked them into bed.

Back at home, I am ready for bed. After all tomorrow is a work day. But first here is a finished picture of the surprise I mail to Sarah last week. It's a pot holder for Oklahoma.
10:10 63 degrees.

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