Saturday, September 22, 2007

Saturday, the Cardwell's go shopping etc......

Mindy called about 9:30 and we planned the day. Her and brother Dale are going to the achieves for the morning. I will pick them up at 2:30 at their hotel and we are going to the dutch market.

I finished a wall hanging I made for a wedding gift and then polished my poor nails. I had the acrylics taken off two weeks ago and they are in terrible shape. BT worked in the blacksmith shop forging a neat shovel. Bentley was just playing shop dog and enjoying the cool concrete floor.

Leaving at 1:30 I stopped by Downtown Toy and Book, to see if they had a book on the history of Bagnall Dam. No such luck. I arrived at the Best Western at 2:29 and meet the cousins in the lobby.

We head west on Hwy 54 to Eldon. Yesterday I was on an RVer's blog mytripjournal and they talked about Nolt's Dutch Market in Eldon. So before I left home today I gave the market a call to see if they had bulk spices and their business hours. It took us just 20 minutes to get there. Out front under the awning they had fresh baked goods, including cookies, sticky buns and white bread. There were also pumpkins, squash of all shapes and sizes, tomatoes, peaches and green beans. Inside Dale was the first one to get an arm load full and go for a basket, next was Rei and I was doing pretty good until I called Jeremy and he wanted Cinnamon sticks and mustard seeds then Lona called and wanted coriander and bouillon cubes. So I had to retrieve a basket too.

After that we stopped at Red's Antique Mall. Upon opening the door we got a strong odor of cigarettes. After spending 20 minutes in there we couldn't find Dale, he was outside, I guess the smoke got to him. Us women all complained we felt like we had just smoked a pack ourselves and probably smelled like it tool. Too bad we didn't find any bargains. We got back on Hwy 54 and headed home, stopping at Hickory Hill antiques at 4:30 on the dot. Darn the shop closed at 4:30 and already had the closed shingle hung out. A few miles down the road we find a flea market open until 5:00 and we quickly popped in. I was the only one that bought anything two cloth military style belts for BT. A real bargain at 50 cents a piece. Mindy was trying on shoes, while they were waiting to close.

I showed them where I work and drove on to Mom's, her car wasn't there so I knew she had to be a Lona's. We pull up there and Lona and Mom came out to greet us along with one of Lona's dogs, Brutus. She gave us the $1.00 tour of the whole house minus Stephane's room. (we didn't have a bulldozer to get in there) and then Mom took us back to her house for the tour there.

Before going home I gave my own personal tour of Busch Lake and Osage River behind our house. After looking at some Cardwell antiques in my cabinet in the mudroom, Mindy and BT did some computer exchanging of family tree information. It was now time to head to Jefferson City for Dinner at LaBamba.

Mindy and I each got a frozen Margarita, Rei had red wine, which came as usual chilled. I had forgot to tell her that. The company as well as the food was wonderful! We thought Dale was going to break into song when Mindy asked him theme songs from TV shows. But he told us they only sounded good in his head, not when he sang them.

The moon was beautiful when we walked out about 8:00 so BT drove us to the Capitol where we parked and walked through the Veteran memorial, past the fountain to the Missouri River, the duel bridges and the train tracks. It was then onto Centennial Park where a train was coming through. We were perched top of the deck and could feel the vibrations of the wheels. After it came to a slow stop we decided to go onto the Governor's mansion, past the old restored but unused Missouri Pacific Train depot, and to the past site of the Missouri State Prison. The old prison was closed down about 2 years ago when a new facility was built east of town. The beautiful limestone walls now have 2 holes broke into them, and are paved with drive ways. We drove into the lower one and it gave me a whole to prospective as to what behind the walls mean. As a kid I went home past those walls daily and never knew what the inside looked like. It was a creepy feeling. I found this article if you'd like to read more. insidethemissouristatepenitentiary

BT drove on east and past the old International Shoe factory, Riverside park and the house where I lived from age 5 to 13. We arrived back at the Best Western about 9:15 and dropped Dale, Mindy and Rei off with all their spices and other purchases of the day and headed home.

Another great day with the Cousins!

10:43 72.9 degrees

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