Saturday, September 22, 2007


I was up early baking a blackberry pie for company. Maggie the neighbor came over for me to make her 8 buttonholes on some pillow cases for her granddaughters. At 10:00 I got a call from Mindy, they had made it into St Louis last evening about 11:00 PM, they were going to grab a bite of breakfast and head to Jefferson City.

I knew I had time to wash my hair and run to town for some cheese I had forgetten to go with the salad. While shopping I picked up some beautiful red roses for the table. I also found a soap saver dish at Kmart that I had been on the hunt for.

Mom and Lona came over about 3:00 and Mindy, Rei and Dale arrived just a few minutes later. WOW 6 Cardwell's in one room. We had a great time chatting and Mom told quite a few stories too about the Cardwell relatives. BT arrived home early, since Friday is jean and early out day. We were enjoying our Ice tea when he came in. Mindy pulled out gifts for all of us Lona and Mom even got boxes of candy. After an hour or so of visiting, Mom and Lona left. We all walked to the barn so the relatives could have a tour of the Blacksmith shop. Mindy was impressed with the Farmall H tractor sitting in the back stall. We explained it's used around here to blade snow in the winter time, our only way out of the road. Something she never has to worry about in Hawaii.

We decided to head towards the house and get Dinner going. BT fried chicken in his big cast iron fryer outside on the deck. There we could enjoy the beautiful first day of fall, while drinking our wine and smelling the chicken frying. I made Madison salad, green beans with Country cured Ham, and fresh Corn on the cob.

Dinner was so good, the chicken was the best and we finished with coffee, blackberry pie and of course ice cream.

After dishes, we retreated to the living room and looked over Mindy's family albums. BT pulled out County Atlas from 1916 and boy did Mindy start to droole. Unfortunately we didn't have one for Miller County. We decided to call it a night about 10:30 so that we could get a fresh start for a whirlwind next few days.

The next few days will go way to quickly!!!!

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