Friday, September 14, 2007

September 14th, Top cyclists from around the world coming to Missouri

Cyclists from more than 20 countries will race through dozens of cities and small towns in the inaugural Tour of Missouri bicycle race. This six-day race from Kansas City to St. Louis is patterned after the Tour de France. The race has six stages, beginning Tuesday in Kansas City and ending Saturday, Sept. 15, in St. Louis. Cyclists representing 15 of the world's top teams will compete, while racing 600 miles through cities and rolling hills of the Show-Me state. Stage five of the tour of Missouri bicycle race begins here at the state capitol in Jefferson City. Cyclists will cruise around the capitol building and through the downtown area in a matter of minutes.

I went to work with my camera today hoping to take a late lunch hour to go see the cyclists come past Lona and Mom’s house. As the morning creeped by we had several people call work to ask if the bike riders were past yet. (They were riding within a half mile of my work) What were they thinking bike riders are usually what you call a motorcycle rider, these were professional cyclists.

About 12:35 I headed out the door to Moms. There were already highway workers putting up road closing signs and every house had several people waiting in lawn chairs, including one little guy holding his American flag. Mom was just finishing her lunch when I arrived. We pulled her lawn chairs out into the warm sunshine as the wind with 70 degree temperatures were a little cool. After a bit she had to go change her black pants for a lighter color as she said her legs were baking.

We were teased many times with official cars, patrolmen, sheriffs and sponsor cars going by. The Discovery Channel sponsor car came, several cars marked photographers, the producer’s car and finally we had two cars with flashing lights and a van come by. The van had huge speakers on top and told us, shortly there would be 8 bikers and then 3 minute wait for the remaining cyclists.

First we see a motorcycle with two people, the back person had a camera on a pole and was facing the cyclists. And the first group of 8 arrived. We waited. And in a few minutes here came the big group.

They were rushing by at an average 28 mph. We were told the wind was slowing them down. Behind them were car after car of sponsors and most had 2 to 4 bikes on top of them. Mixed in with the whole line of cyclists and cars were small motorcycles all with “Marshall” tags on them. And then it was over. From start to finish, we probably watched them for 12 minutes.

I got in the car to go back to work amd quickly caught up with the end of the line. I almost felt like a cyclist on 4 wheels, as people were waving at every car going by. It took a bit to get through all the cars pulled over and the workers taking down signs.

Back at work I shared the details with my co-workers and they looked on the pictures on my camera.

BT was home way before me, I forget its casual Fridays for him. Blue jeans and off work at 3:00. Must be nice, of course we can wear jeans too, but we work till 4:30.

I made Beef fajitas, pinto beans and fresh guacamole for dinner. Later I had to retrieve Bentley from the neighbors. It’s been a long time since he wandered off.

Sarah is working late tonight producing a football game near Oklahoma City, wish I could talk to her. Rusty must have mentioned her on his noon show.

BHS is losing as I type. That is sad.

9:10 59 degrees and we are headed for a low of 42 in the morning. Brrrrrrrrrr

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