Thursday, September 13, 2007

Sept 12, 2007 Messy Closet revealed

I was up early waiting for Alex to come and spend the morning with dammaw. Lori had a doctor’s appointment with her Mother. Alex came just before gampaw left for work. Alex had cheerios for breakfast as I toasted us a bagel with the new Philadelphia Cream Cheese flavor, Honey Nut. It is just as good as Panera’s maybe even better.

While I watched Regis and Kelly, Alex got his cartoon fix. He then came up stairs and started playing, first in what he calls his bedroom (It use to be his Dad’s) then he bought a baby toy in that he found in the basket. It is a swing for tiny baby to lie under and play with. Alex (who is so much like his great grandfather) figured out in no time how to put it together. The next thing I knew he was laying under it and explaining all the things to me. After he got bored with that he went to our closet. He and Brady love that closet, it is about 12 foot wide and 6 to 8 feet deep, it has a door on each end and two lights in it. He was having so much fun playing in there that I just had to take a picture of his little nest he made. Little did I know that he had put his stuffed giraffe and bear to bed in there too.

It was so beautiful outside that the AC was turned off early, Alex and I went on the deck and sat for a bit. He was really worried that Bentley was loose so we had to go back inside to make him feel secure.

Alex was really getting tired when his Mother came shortly before 1:00. We looked everywhere for his giraff and bear and never did find them. He got almost to the car when he told her, I didn’t hug dammaw. He was ready to leave without a tear after that.

I finished getting ready and headed out the door just a few minutes later to pick up Mom, we had a final appointment with the lawyer to update her will. We were finished there in less then 10 minutes. On to the courthouse to record her deed and then to Wal-Mart for her some soy milk. After taking her home, I stopped to see how Steve was feeling. I found him on the couch watching TV. But he is feeling pretty good, considering all he’s been through. On my way home, it dawned on me, I bet Alex's stuffed animals are in the closet.

After a stop at Lori’s to drop off a zip lock bag of snacks from Lona I got home and started dinner. Homemade sausage pizza, which we enjoyed on the deck. This time of year it’s just beautiful outside.

Later in the evening I got to sew some. I made the cutest pot-holder for Sarah and Rusty. I will post a picture later, I don’t want to ruin the surprise for her since she reads my blog. :) I looked in the closet and there was the giraff and bear, just as Alex had put them down for their nap. Mystery solved.

I woke BT up at 10 from his nap in the recliner, now it’s bedtime and the windows are open!!!!

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