Thursday, September 11, 2008

50 lb Little Giant Trip Hammer

It was an early morning for us. We left the house at 6:15 AM with a thermos of hot coffee and headed towards Lincoln Nebraska. What for you might ask. Why a 50 Lb Little giant Trip Hammer. AKA Rusty metal. Its' date of manufacture is between 1895 and 1904. It weights approximately 1800 POUNDS.

We made good time going up. We stopped for gas and at the same time stopped in McDonald's. There I tried their new Cappuccino. Because I ordered that ,we were offered a free breakfast sandwich. WOW BT got a free breakfast.

We made it to Lincoln in 6 hours exactly.

This is what we found at the Ebay seller's house.

Bill had his Farmall M ready to go, chains and all. It was quite a load to pick up. Okay drag. Notice the almost flat tires.

In an hour the guys were finished loading it onto the trailer we had borrowed. Our trailer wasn't heavy enough to haul this thing.

The trip hammer was laying on a rubber tire to cushion the 364 mile ride back home.

As I was taking pictures this rather strange woolly worm came by. A blond woolly worm? I had to take a picture for the daughter's boyfriend. He's the meteorologist at KOCO. Last year I mailed him a woolly worm.

Our trip home wasn't quite as fast. We did make a couple of stops to check on the trailer. About 150 miles from home, our check engine light came on. After reading the manual, we decided to keep going. Friday BT will take it to the Jeep dealer.

We stopped in St. Joseph Mo for dinner at San Jose Steakhouse and Mexican Restaurant. I don't know about their steak, but their Mexican had something to be desired. I should of had a Margarita to help wash it down.

At 8:30 we pulled into the drive way. Bentley was barking and jumping. He was so glad to see us. Our bottoms were dragging. We hit the recliner and stayed there until bed time.

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tipper said...

Wow what a load!! I think you can find anything under the sun on Ebay!

Those blond woolie worms are very common here.

Love the new look of your blog!!