Sunday, September 14, 2008

From July heat to October chill in September

It got really hot and sticky Friday evening and I had to turned the AC back on. Saturday morning it was still miserable. As the day progressed, the humidity increased.

After breakfast I started playing with my bottle brush trees. Over at The Misadventures of Mama and Jack, I learned all about stripping the color from the trees and dying them. I want to make some Halloween colored trees. I did one tree at a time, by adding bleach to hot water in a glass. It wasn't an instant thing. You have to dip and soak the tree. It probably took about 10-15 minutes to bleach them to what looks like the original color.

Now I need to get some Rye dye. (Sunday I tried food coloring.) Orange, I have a light colored tree now, but I will pick up some dye on my next shopping day. Oh and I need more trees, bigger trees. However there are none to be found in this one craft store town! Shucks!

BT finished restoring his brush hog and tried it out behind the house. He now has plans for cutting some of the smaller trees out of the woods. This would be winter project. The brush hog and tractor would fit better between the bigger trees. I can see another park in my back yard! Here he goes for the mowing. (Be sure and stop the music on the side bar, so you can hear the tractor sounds.)

Bob and Rita came to our place about 6:30. It looked like it would rain about anytime as we drove into town. Ria's Restaurant just opened a month ago. It is a beautifully decorated Greek Restaurant. We had about a 30 minutes wait in the bar. From there you can see into the open kitchen as the food is prepared. They need to improve their timing with the food. However the food, once received was excellent. BT had steak that looked Yumo! I had Lasagna, Bob and Rita went Greek, Gyro and Vegetable Pita.

While we were inside the rains started. They would continue until late Sunday morning. I got up several times during the night to see how much it had rained. It was predicted Ike would dump 5 to 7 inches on us. This is our lake early Sunday morning as the water was rushing over the top of the dam.

Saturday it was 88 degrees, Sunday morning it was 77, and by noon it was 66. We went from miserable humidity to almost needing the heat turned on. For dinner I found a new soup recipe. It was pretty good. I love potato soup but BT won't eat the kind my mother taught me to make because of the milk in it. Here is the recipe for the new one.

Sausage and Potato soup
1 lb. sausage, brown and drained
1 lb. hash brown chunks (I grated fresh potatoes)
3 cans chicken stock or broth
3 stalks celery, diced
1/2 onion, diced
2 can cream of celery soup
2 pinches of red pepper
Cook potatoes, broth, onion and celery until tender. Add sausage, soup, and spices. Heat thoroughly.

9:13 PM 61 degrees.


Tipper said...

Much cooler here today-it does feel like fall. The soup sounds great.

I mailed your cd yesterday morning. Hope you guys like it!!

Sarah and Jack said...

As soon as all the christmas stuff is out you can find those trees at kmart, walmart, garden ridge, old tyme pottery, etc.