Saturday, September 13, 2008

Tour of Missouri Bike Race and Bare Butts

Friday WOW what an exciting day. I rushed home from work, (actually speeding) to make it to the top of my road. I wanted to beat the Tour of Missouri bike race.

There was Diane, who is my VBF, and Bob and Rita whom I have not seen in two years! They are the full time RVer cousins. They made it in Thursday from spending the summer in Pine River Minnesota! Check out their site. Rita will get it up to date soon. Julie my co-worker
who was in front of me, also stopped. She didn't think she could make it 4 more miles to her house without being stopped. BT made it within one quarter of a mile of us and had to stop.

Going home every intersection, drive way and yard had people waiting for the bikers. First we saw highway patrolmen come by, then motorcycles with mounted cameras. A few of the sponsor cars came and then the van announcing the first 12 rides that were over 2 minutes ahead of the crowd were coming.

We cheered as they went by and quickly snapped this pictures.

At home by 5:10, BT and Bob enjoyed a cold beer. Before Rita and I left to pick up Diane, I ordered the guys a pizza at Pizza Haus. With Diane in the car we stopped at Wardsville to pick up Donnie. We all had a 6:30 date to the dinner play, "Take Me Out". Marla met us there and we paid for our tickets. We were packing Mama's as we carried our bottles of wine in.
The menu
Devilish Dressed Chicken Breast on Angel Hair Pasta
Stuffed Smoked Pork Chops with Apple Raisin Filling
Naked New Potatoes
Sweet and Sassy Green Beans
Dirty Rice
Creamed Corn Skinny
Salad with Assorted Dressings
Hot Buns
Fantasy Island Fruit Salad
Sock It To Me Cake
Better Than Sex Cake
The play even with nudity and foul language was still great. An all men cast too. The only bad thing was an very obnoxious lady sitting directly behind us with a horrible LOUD laugh. She found a lot more things funnier than any of us did. I thought for sure Diane was going to either hit her or throw a glass of water in her face. Before the night was over, we were cupping our hands to our ears to hear the cast.
Rita and I made it home just shy of eleven o'clock, much later than I thought it would be. The guys were half asleep watching TV.

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Anonymous said...

We went to "Take Me Out" their opening night! It was good!