Sunday, September 7, 2008

Where did the weekend go?

Friday after a bowl of home made beef barley soup, BT and I headed to Mary's Home Missouri. We went to the house of one of BT's classmates from the class of '68'. As you can see in this picture they are loading a brush hog aka rusty metal.

We have needed a brush hog to keep some of the 15 acres we have mowed down. This is a fixer uper.

Saturday girlfriend Diane and I headed to Jefferson City to the Arts and Craft show. We bought what I consider to be the best soy candles I have ever had. Giddy-up is the brand. I really think you could just take the lid off and use them without ever lighting them. I also bought myself 4 bars of Nubian Goat Milk soap. Another good smelling thing. Then I found the most adorable paper mache' owl. So that's when I just had to put out my Halloween decorations. My daughter said it's a little early for that.

Speaking of the daughter, last week when visiting I took her the pink edition of the Better Homes and Garden Cookbook. Today she used it! She even used the home canned spaghetti sauce that I took her in the recipe. You go girl!

Diane and I also stopped by Specialty Quilts open house. We both registered for the give aways. Diane isn't a quilter, so if she won I was going to reap that benefit. Bad news is, they never called. The quilt shop has been open for a year or two. It has now doubled its size and has a nice line of high quality fabrics and supplies. They are starting to teach classes.

Saturday evening we had a couple of friends over for BBQ. Jeremy, Lori and boys were here too. The guys had trimmed trees most of Saturday. A necessity after last springs ice storm. Lori had worked her booth at the craft fair. So I felt obligated to cook for them all. BT and Jeremy grilled pork chops while I made river potatoes, green beans with country cured ham and fried apples. Dessert was raspberry bars and lemon bars.

Sunday we slept in. Then just odds and ends. I trimmed the sidewalk with the weed eater, did a load of laundry, put my fall wreaths out, and embroidered a little. BT worked all day on refurbishing the brush hog.

Just as Bentley and I were walking to the shop, it started to rain with the sun completely shinning. That's when I snapped this picture of the rainbow. Actually it turned into a double rainbow, but that picture wasn't good.

After we retired to the recliner, BT made an E Bay purchase of more rusty metal. ROAD TRIP, as it has to be picked up in Lincoln, Nebraska. He needs to talk to the seller, but hopefully that will happen later this week. Oh by the way, this is called a Trip Hammer.

I am thinking of purchasing a GPS. I'm looking at a Nextar 3.5 screen. K mart has a $179.99 on sale with rebate final price $ 79. Anyone have one? Any suggestions?

Well time for the evening news. It will be a busy week. Work, road trip, Tour of Missouri bike tour coming through, going to a play Friday night, and best of all Bob and Rita are coming in town.

69 degrees.


StitchinByTheLake said...

Did you not make it to the quilt shop for the sale? I thought for sure you'd be there! I have a GPS, I think it's a Garman. We bought it at Best Buy on sale for about $150 and it's good. My sister has one that isn't good - I'll try to ask her what brand it is and let you know. blessings, marlene

Linda said...

Thanks so much for your kind words! Country Living isn't calling but our home will be in the Feb/March or April/May issue of Country Sampler. They were here in July to take pics!