Monday, November 2, 2009

Bringing home the bacon

Okay so it was really "Bringing home the fish".

BT and Jeremy, along with 2 of the son's friends and one little guy went gigging tonight. First of all it was windy and a full moon was showing. These are two things not good when it comes to gigging.

They were on the river by 6:15. By 8:30 BT was calling from the barn for bowls, buckets and a filet knife. I thought surely he was joking, conditions were not good, and they were home in less than 2 hours.

Boy was I wrong. They had an over flowing tub full. This tub was equal to almost 2 wash tubs full.

Here is Jimmy, who I nicknamed the Iron Chef. He was using a big meat cleaver to cut up trapping bait. Not all the fish gigged tonight was for human consumption. These guys are serious trappers. Their goal was to get fish to bait their traps when season opens.

However BT's goal was to get fish for dinner . . . for the freezer.

Little 3 year old Matthew was in love with this fish. In fact, when it was cleaned he cried and cried, so much that he made himself sick. Poor little guy. Jeremy had even cut the rocks out of the drum fish for him. I gave him apple juice and halloween candy. Nothing doing, he was going to cry.

This is the biggest part of the catch.

10:32PM 54 degrees


Worknprogress said...

oh, i feel so sorry for the little one. there is nothing that can help when they are attached to their "pet" that they can't have. well, maybe except for a fish tank in their room...i've seen that work a few times. :o)

what kind of fish did they catch??

Sara said...

Oh! Poor Matthew!

Are we going to be seeing some trapping posts?! :)