Thursday, November 19, 2009

What season is it?

What season is it? I thought Thanksgiving Day was just two weeks away. However when I went to the Goodwill store today I saw this Preston & York suede coat. Price tag $20.00 and it's new! Did I say it's brand new? You never find a nice winter coat at the right time. Well until today, right time, right price, right place.
When I got home I went walking through the yard, this was the scene in the back. As you can tell it appears to be winter, no leaves.

Then I see this little geranium blooming among the dead Live Forevers or some of you call them frog bellies.

On to my knockout roses and I see this beautiful pink one just starting to bloom.

Two more steps I see the red bud swelling. Even the nasturtiums are still green.

Is it really Thanksgiving next week? If so I need to buy a turkey!


Becky said...

I hate to break it to you...but you ned to go buy a turkey

Life is good! said...

better go buy that turkey! your flowers are lovely. and i love that they are gonna bloom when they want to bloom and not when they are supposed to bloom! way to go flowers!