Saturday, November 14, 2009

It's deer season

It's that time of year again. It's almost a legal holiday in our family. BT, Jeremy, the two grandsons, BIL, nephews, great nephews, all men in the neighborhood belong to this group.

After stepping into the cabin last night, the men folk had the changing of the hats. They go from camo to hunter orange.

A one point even 7 month old Elizabeth was sporting a hunter orange hat.

After a few warm up drinks, such as Jeremy's bloody Mary shown here, it was time for dinner. I made a double batch of Cabbage soup. Here's my recipe. Things have change since deer camp was first organized, it use to be, the men did all the cooking. Now the women prepare some ahead, as was the situation last night.

After dinner it was a little card playing. Even the kids get into it. Grandpa had to show little Elizabeth the ropes since this was her first Deer Camp.

The grandsons, pretty much can play go fish on their own. I did hear the comment last night it was time to show them how to play poker. To which Alex replied, "I don't have any money. Grandma do you?"

As I was leaving camp, the night time fire was be maintained by the boys. It's a shame there weren't two pokers, as it was a battle as to who got the first turn.

A scary situation on my way home, on a two mile drive from the cabin. There was a deer in the middle of the road as I rounded a curve, I screamed, the deer looks petrified, I honked, and the deer bolted away. As I came to a halt I was on the wrong side of the road. Thank you God for there not being an on coming car!

Stayed tuned more in the next few days . . .

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