Monday, November 23, 2009

Turnip kraut

42 jars equals 1 well deserved cup of hot tea.
Red Rose tea as a matter of fact.
If you'd like the Turnip kraut recipe, I posted it last here last year.
Now I'm off to enjoy the music of popping lids. Music to my ears.


Flat Creek Farm said...

Ah, and sweet music it is. I'll bet that turnip kraut is scrumptious. i ♥ turnips! -tammy

Jane said...

Okay, so I looked at your recipe, how much salt to the 5 gallon of turnips?

Zoey said...

I remember counting the popping lids when my mom canned. I have never canned myself, though I used to think I would like to. I do miss all the home canned goodies that my mom used to give me. She quit a few years back, saying it was too much work.

I bet your turnip kraut is delicious!

Anonymous said...

Way to go girl.
That turnip kraut is delicious.We had it tonight with fried bacon pieces. I was saving it:) I'm looking forward to canning some turnip kraut next year so it can be a regular dish. I'm assuming they were planted as a fall crop? Thanks for sharing the recipe

Dandy said...

I have never even heard of turnip kraut but I think I love it!