Saturday, November 14, 2009

Dinner at Deer camp

Let me introduce you to the two queens. Queen Lisha and Queen Larraine. You ask why were they wearing tiaras? Because they could. I don't know. It was something about a bus trip last week, to local bars, you had a theme and had to dress the theme. I don't know, too much information for me. Anyway here they are.

Appetizers . . . pickled eggs, made by Jeremy.

Vegetable . . . turnip kraut cooked with potatoes.

Main course . . . well one of two, is 17 lbs of pulled pork. The Smokin' was done by Queen Lisha's husband Dan. He's the man. He loves to smoke meats. We love to eat Dan's smoked meats. He's not a deer hunter, just the best smoker. So good in fact that he is invited back next week to smoke chickens.

Here are just part of the smoked ribs and rib tips he made. They are to die for, fall off the bone tender, and even different rubs.

Wish you all had been there, needless to say we had enough for all of you all.


Flat Creek Farm said...

One never knows just *what* one might see at deer camp - royalty, pickled eggs & smoked meats. Have fun and enjoy the food! -Tammy

Anonymous said...

Um, here's my comment...

Turnip kraut and pickled eggs...