Sunday, December 30, 2007

Christmas at the Tappel's

I rolled out of bed about 8 after staying up late last night visiting with Sarah and Rusty. They didn't make it in from Oklahoma until about 5:30. I was making coffee when Sarah came down to let her dog Josie out. Josie had slept in the basement in Bentley's old portable dog kennel. We both went outside to tend to our dogs and Sarah introduced the dogs through Bentley's fence.

After I went and picked up the paper, the guys joined us in the kitchen for coffee and Banana bread. Sarah and I then went to work on preparing lunch. I toasted the bread for the dressing, and got the chickens ready to be baked. Our menu for the day was:

3 Golden baked chickens
Fluffy Mashed potatoes
Creamy Gravy
Candied Sweet potatoes w/marshmallows
Sarah's secret recipe of Cranberry Salad
Green beans with County Ham
7 layer salad
Fruit Salad
Martha Stewart's Pumpkin Pie
Lori's Oreo Ice cream pie

Jeremy and Lori and the boys arrived at 11:00 and the boys were so excited to open more presents. Sarah and Rusty got Brady an ATM machine, the biggest hit for him yet. He said it ranked right up there with his new bicycle. Sarah and Rusty wanted me to remember that they live in Oklahoma and gave me 2 ornaments, one was of the state flag of Oklahoma, the other was a big covered wagon. The kids gave BT his official Blacksmith Shop sign. I gave Jeremy and Lori and Black and White quilt I had worked on for the better part of a half year.

After lunch Diane came over and became our official photographer for family photos. We rewarded her with a plate of pies and Lori's homemade candies. It was then time to relax, visit and play with all our new items. It seems we ate and drank our way through the afternoon. BT and Rusty let the dogs meet in the yard and they both had fun chasing each other.

I baked 24 chicken cups for another snack (like we really needed more food) Sarah ate a few of them and then it was time for them to hit the road. It was 5:30 before they left and they had a good 6 hour drive ahead of them. With tears I bid them good-bye. It was so great having them home for Christmas.

Later in the evening Lori and I fixed the boys a plate of food and ate again ourselves. They packed up and went home about 8:30. BT and I went through all the pictures Lori downloaded to my computer and it was soon bed time for us.

40 degrees 10:15

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