Thursday, December 13, 2007

December 11, 2007 in and out of darkness

We woke about 7 AM and still the electricity was off. It was only down to 62 degrees in the house. I called Larraine to see if they had electricity so BT could shower for work. Yes they did, but they had 6 extra adults over who didn't have electricity, so I told her I'd check around. I called Janie and BT went there.

The boys and I quickly dressed and headed down stairs for some cold cereal. Trying to entertain two little boys without TV was going to be a challenge. Luckily at 8:20 power came on. I reset all the clocks first thing. Lona called, they had been without electricity since early Monday, so her and Stephane and Mom came over to shower.

I made Blueberry muffins and the little boys ate their second breakfast. We spent the day enjoying the furnace, the computer, the TV, the blower dryer, the electric oven, etc. That is until we were eating dinner at 5:30, with a blink or two, the power went off again.

BT got all the kerosene lamps going, his propane camping lantern and several candles. The boys thought we were camping. They even got to watch a DVD with the battery on the laptop. Several times the lights would come on and then go back off. Each time Brady was disappointed, as he thought this was a great thing.

A little over an hour later the lights came on and stayed on. Once again I reset all the clocks.

I got a call to report for work at 4:30 AM in Linn in the morning. Our coop was hit hard.

Lori picked the boys up by 8 and I was in bed shortly after that. BT was in the basement when I went to bed, working on the water softener.

3 AM will come quickly enough.

Here are some pictures I took outside today.

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Zoey said...

Wow, Patti, you got hit hard with that ice storm! It does make for pretty pictures.

I am glad you enjoyed the cranberry slush.

It was a hit at my party last night. Even the people I thought would not drink alcohol, enjoyed it.

I was thinking that raspberry jello would be good. I will have to try it next time.

I'd love the whiskey slush recipe when you get time.