Thursday, December 6, 2007

It's beginning to look a lot like CHRISTMAS

It started snowing today about 12:30. Then it switched to sleet. Not enought to accumlate much. They are calling for snow the next 3-4 days. That's okay with me as long as it doesn't interfer with our driving to Oklahoma City. Here is what it looked like after a few hours out my front door.

We are leaving Friday afternoon to see Sarah, will spend Friday evening, Saturday, and Sunday with her. We will leave there Monday morning and head to Texas to see BT's Mom.
This has been a busy week. Tuesday I worked and had to take a refresher CPR course. Why I don't know, I would just panic if I had to use it. LOL Wednesday I did some shopping and returning. Today I finished decorating the tree, that took me 2 hours to get the lights just right yesterday. Then Alex came, he had some much fun looking at all the different ornaments.
After Alex and I ate lunch I put him down for a nap and went to my sewing machine, as I opened the blinds I saw it snowing, so I went and told Alex to look out before he went to sleep. He wanted to know what it would be when he got up.
For dinner it was beef fajitas and the last 2 pieces of lemon cake for dessert.
Now I'm going to watch Barbara Walter's and her 10 most fascinating people.

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