Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Hope you all had a very Merry Christmas

Christmas came and went so fast yesterday. Thank goodness we still have more gift giving to go, as Sarah and Rusty hopefully will make it home this weekend.
Our Christmas day started early in the kitchen making dressing to go along with the turkey I had baked. The cranberries and fruit salad were done the night before. We made it to Mom's by 10:30 and filled her oven with all our baking dishes. Lona and family arrived just a few minutes later. Jeremy and family came at the stroke of noon. Since almost all of us were starving, we decided to eat before we opened presents. Lori had brought the chocolate tray with all the homemade candies she crafted. WOW are they fantastic! (sorry I forgot a picture of them).

It was hard to get everyone in the living room as we kept picking at the food. You know we were all stuffed but we kept on eating. Lona handed out presents. She gave the grandsons blow up boats to use when they come to her pool. Alex wanted his blown up right then and there. We continued to set around and visit for another hour or so. BT, Jeremy and Brady went to the barn and out back to let Brady shoot his new BB Gun. We left about 2:20 for home, but not until BT went next door to the neighbor to see an antique band saw sitting in the yard (aka rusty metal). It might be in BT's future.

Jeremy and Lori followed us up the drive. A nap was first for Alex. About 5 I started making dinner for us which included little smokies, chicken taco won tons cups, fruit salad, 7 layer salad and plenty of Lori's great chocolates for dessert. Alex was only half awake for dinner as we woke him up before we started.

Then came gift giving. Here is Lori opening
her new colander that fits over the sink.

Next is Alex seeing what is in his stocking.Wow a penguin that poops!
Brady checking out his money gift.

And then we have Grandpa and Brady shooting Brady's new BB gun.

The evening ended with the boys reading the new book I got from Cathy, my quilter friend that lives in Australia. They loved the book.

Brady and I typed to Sarah on the computer for almost an hour on Instant Messenger. He is really good at spelling.

We crashed about 11 PM. As Santa would say Merry Christmas to all and to all a Good night!

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