Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Dec 8, 2207 Making the most of a short Day

Rusty still wasn't due home till late Saturday night. So we were going to do a little Christmas shopping while he was gone. Sarah made us a pot of coffee and offered bagels, while I printed off a coupon for Bernie to attend the R & K Gun show in Oklahoma City.

We left the house mid-morning and Sarah drove those freeways like it was nothing. Glad I was riding in the back seat, otherwise I could have made a hole in her floorboard. We dropped BT off at the gun show, being held at the Oklahoma's State Fair grounds. We back tracked and got to a gigantic mall, it took us a long time to find a parking space, it was best to see someone walk out and follow them to their spot. The first part of the mission was to find her a new winter coat. We had just made the third floor of the mall when BT called. He wasn't feeling well and wanted us to come and pick him up.

Sarah made a quick pit stop for gas. We found BT waiting outside, he thinks some of the medicine he took made him feel light headed. Food would be a good thing for him, in case his blood sugar was low. We had planned on going to Pop's for lunch and we were soon travelling down Route 66 to their location in Arcadia OK.

We could spot the 66 foot tall neon soda bottle a long distance away. It's the newest, coolest landmark on Historic Route 66. From the 66 foot LED bottle outside to the nearly 500 soda and beverages inside, Pops is your answer to unquenchable thirst for adventure. This is actually a gas station and restaurant. It's a retro glass building with glass shelves. All the shelves are filled with full soda bottles, all color coordinated. (Of course they are glued down too). We ordered a tasty lunch, burgers for BT and I, a chicken wrap for Sarah. She then had some postcard shopping to do for some one!

We traveled just a quarter mile down the road to The Round Barn. Built in 1898, it was restored in 1988. The first floor is a museum/gift shop. The second floor is available to rent for parties, weddings, etc. BT found rusty iron to look at in the parking lot, including a tire shrinker almost like his.

We took BT home where he could rest and surf while keeping Josie, the Siberian Husky company.

We found another mall to shop at. Of course this town, is by no means short on shopping places. After about 4 stores, we found a winter coat for Sarah. While shuffling through the heavy crowd my cell phone rang. It was Forrest Monat wanting to return some books to us. I explained I was in OK City. He would hold off coming to see us. LOL.
Our last stop was at Super Target for a few groceries. Sarah had to be at work at 5:00 her station was broadcasting the Oklahoma State 2A High school Champion football game. After she left I made us a little dinner and we waited for her game to come on.

Sarah made it home about 11:10, her and I tried to wait up for Rusty. It was a little after 11:20 when his plane landed, by midnight he wasn't in and our eye lids just wouldn't stay open.

Bad weather is coming so they say...........

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