Thursday, December 13, 2007

Dec 10, 2007 On the road, the icy road

We never heard Rusty leave for work sometime during the 2 AM hour. BT got up when he heard Sarah in the living room a little after 6 AM. He asked if he took her to work, could she find a way home. She jumped at the chance. He went out to de-ice his jeep, which was a cold long process. The doors and windows were frozen shut with a layer between 1/2 inch and 3/4 inch thick. A few minutes after 7:00 I watch them drive out the drive way on a layer of ice which covered everything in site.

Josie and I hung out together for about and hour and a half. Sarah kept in touch via the phone. I had just started to make us some breakfast when BT came in, shortly before 9. His drive to Sarah's station was a lot long then the trip home. The fact that the roads were more clear and he took a different route back made it quicker.

We were on our way home by 10:00, we pulled into a Shell station to see if they sold windshield wipers, but no such luck. The wiper on my side was shredded by the ice. We started with almost a full tank of gas as we were hearing on the radio that the toll-pike was without electricity and all gas stations were closed. Travel was slow, 50 mph was our average. We never saw any wrecks or cars in the ditch. Several looked to be out of gas or broke down. At the gas stations/McDonald's there were always several big trucks and cars sitting, all the buildings were dark.

Tulsa looked like a bomb had dropped, we saw down power lines, streets completely blocked with trees and branches, utility works, policemen, firemen all working to clear paths. At one point we even saw highway workers clearing trees off the interstate. There were almost no businesses with electricity. By this time my mirror had a 3/4 inch layer of ice on it.

We made it to the state line and turned into the first gas station. it wasn't as crowed as I thought it would be. Our stop was a quick one even though the pump was a slow one. After we got back on the highway, I pulled the sandwiches out of the cooler I had packed and we had a picnic on the road. The ice in Joplin was still extremely heavy, however the closer we got to Springfield, the less we saw. It came in patches. We began see red PAR utility trucks heading west on I-44. If our count was correct there were 40 of them. Later there were white truck from Barton Electric.

At highway 17 and 54, near Eugene Missouri, the ice was once again as thick or thicker then Tulsa. Eagle Stop Gas station and Subway were without electricity. It was scary driving Route E between Brazito and Osage Bluff because the trees were so heavy and hanging over the highway. I said we needed to drive down the center to feel safe.

At 5:15 we pulled into the drive way or I should say wormed into the drive way. We had to dodge around bent over frozen trees. I don't know who was more happy, us to get home or Bentley to see us. the normal 6 hour drive took us over 7 hours.

Lori came in just a few minutes after we got home. BT was down the road trimming trees so car could travel our road. Lori held the flash light for him to see. The boys would be staying all night with us as Lori was needed to say with her Mother who was in ICU.

About 8 I decided it would be in my best interest to wash a load of clothes as the ice was only getting worse and the electricity would probably be going off. I got the boys in bed be 9, I sat down to unwind and at 10:00 just when the news came on the electricity went off.

Armed with flash lights and cell phone we went to bed. And the electricity stayed be continued.

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