Thursday, October 16, 2008

Childhood fun

Remember those days when you made tents over the dining room table with blankets? Or use the cardboard boxes that the new electric dryer came in for a hide out? How about being a ghost, with holes cut for the eyes, made from an old sheet? Playing jacks on the front concrete porch. Mixing up poke berries and dyeing sand. Pitching a tent in the backyard and playing with a flash light on the ceiling until you fell asleep? Oh the joys we had as kids.
Well the above pictures show the boys making their cabin from Grandpa's scrap pile. The little one said "Grandpa leave this here for all the time." Even Bentley the 82 lb black Lab had to check it out. We should have realized how much fun they would have and had them move it to somewhere beside in front of the barn door. The big drive-in the barn door. Oh well they say they don't stay little long. Maybe by the time the snow flies they will have found something else to play with.

Over at Happy@Home, she showed a picture of what I am guessing is her childhood stove. I just had to show a picture of mine. Looks like mine was used more. It was all those soda crackers we cooked in Pepsi. Right Roseann?

Here are my Moss Rose china dishes. Luckily a few years ago, Mom found me a few replacement pieces that had gotten broken.
Ah! this is dish cabinet my Daddy built for me the Christmas I was about 5. I had seen him building it. He told me it was for Santa. So Christmas morning when I saw it near the tree with the moss rose china on it, I said "Oh look, Santa put my dishes on his cabinet!
This is the washer that I washed all my doll clothes in. Then wring them out before hanging up to dry.
In closing I just wanted to remember my front flower bed from this year. After all the frost tonight will probably do it in.

(Sorry this isn't lined up correclty, it's a blogger problem!)


Happy @ Home said...

Thanks so much for your recent visit and comments. I wish my stove was from my childhood, but instead it came from the place we can buy back our childhood - Ebay :-)

I love yours and also adore that sweet dish cabinet your Dad made for you - how very special is that!! Also the clothes washer is adorable.

mjnauert said...

I love the story about the china cabinet. You are so lucky to still have all of these cute toys from your childhood. I guess the boys will be getting a tent for Christmas this year? Backyard camping is almost as fun as the fort.

Take care...Monica