Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Restoring a 50 lb Little Giant Trip Hammer - 1901 model

Me painting the hammer

Close up of the side view of the hammer

The side view

Front view

Oh the things we don't do for those we love. It was just a few night ago that I helped BT move this 1800 lb. hammer onto the wooden platform. Yes just the two of us moved it from the floor, to the 4 inch high platform. Luckily we did it without being killed. Had it fallen on us, I seriously doubt that either one of us could have lifted it off unless a lot of adrenalin kicked in.

This has been a fun project. From the bidding on EBay, to travelling to Nebraska to bring it home. It is almost 100% complete now. An electric motor will need to be added. Check back here to see what it originally looked like. You've come a long way baby!


mjnauert said...

This machine is very rare and you are very lucky to have the original prototype of the mamogram machine...In fact I am quite sure that it still feels the same way.

Big Smile!

Monica Nauert

tipper said...

You guys have gotten the hammer all shined up and looking good!