Friday, October 10, 2008

I love a good Barter

I know there aren't many of us quilters who like to mend, or alter clothes. But this is always a deal from a friend I can't resist.

You see she works for a book distribution center. They make and sell children's books. It's a major corporation. I just can't say the name.

Every school year she ask me to hem school pants for her granddaughter . This year the granddaughter's Mother also brought along some pants for herself to hem. Both of them are on the short side and today's pants are always way too long.

So here is the loot that she gave me. It included the first 12 books in the Magic tree house series. 3 computer games, one of which is a story by Dr Seuss. 2 Dinosaurs, 2 Halloween key rings that scream (they for sure will go home with the boys), and 6 books they can read. And for me a Gift card to Hobby Lobby! What a deal. We both were happy, her for getting all 22 pairs of pants hemmed and me for what the boys and I took in.

On a funny note, today we had a Satellite repair man at the house. I had to work, so the hubby stayed home. He was in bed when I left. He never makes the bed. Did I tell you never? Tonight when he was showing me the new TV system in our bedroom, I turned and saw this....

He said I knew how anal you were about not having the bed made and I didn't want the repair man to see it.

I couldn't believe it...and neither will my kids when they read this! I love you BT!


Gene Black said...

Hemming -UGH. I am more than happy to sew on a button, but I won't even buy pants that are too long and hem them for myself. LOL>

I think you got a great deal and I do love to barter. The perfect barter is when we each think we got the best deal.

StitchinByTheLake said...

I hate hemming pants but I'd be willing to barter for that too! blessings, marlene

mjnauert said...

Man...I have a problem finding 34 in inseam pants for me...every thing is so short. Where are all of the 'normal' people?

You are making so many ladies out here jealous with the bed-making husband. You know how we are; if they make the bed or do the dishes, it doesn't matter what they look like, you just keep them!

Have a great day!


tipper said...

I think you got the best end of the deal!

Zoey said...

That's a LOT of hemming!I bet it felt great when you took that last stitch in #22!!

What a great husband. Love the patriotic quilt on the bed, too.