Thursday, October 23, 2008

Come draw with me

Do I have any volunteers to come and draw with me today? I am tracing some embroidery patterns.

Here is my first attempt to copy a pattern. It's taped to my patio door.

This is a series from Lynette Anderson Designs. It's actually a free download of 12 Noah Ark blocks. Visit her at Noah's Ark for your free copy.

Here is my primitive attempt (remember we are in hard times) to make my own version of a light box. Like my pink extension cord? It's one the husband doesn't carry off! Last week when the Direct TV service man was here they even joked about it. I guess BT pulled it out for him to use.

The box is from our entertainment center. I used a defective window for the glass. It's one we replaced and for some reason kept the damaged window in the attic. Cost for the light box is $0.00. You can't beat that.

Here is a closer look at the pattern, Over the River and through the Woods.... It's by Crab Apple Hill Studio.

So if anybody has free time, give me a call.


LUND, Sweden, Oct. 19 (UPI) -- Drinking a lot of coffee reduces the size of many women's breasts, a Swedish researcher finds.
Helena Jernstrom, an oncologist at Lund University in southern Sweden, said that the effect is the result of a gene that about half of women possess, The Local reported.
"Drinking coffee can have a major effect on breast size," she said.
Jernstrom became interested in the subject because of research that has shown that large-breasted women are more likely to be diagnosed with breast cancer, while downing at least three cups of coffee a day reduces cancer risk. She decided to look for a correlation directly between drinking coffee and breast size and found one.
Her study tracked 270 women. Jernstrom's results were published in the British Journal of Cancer.

I don't know about you, but no more cappuccino latte, mocha's, espresso, foaming java for me. It's now VODKA!!!!!


mjnauert said...

OMG! funny, funny! I think that I have the other gene where the more coffee you drink the bigger they get. Unfortunately if you are over the age of 35, they ain't real purty to look at. If I just staple them to my forehead, I don't have to give up the latte's. BTW, You just could be on to something with the vodka though.

StitchinByTheLake said...

I don't drink coffee - does this mean I have to carry these things around until I die? blessings, marlene

tipper said...

Hilarious!! Straight to the Vodka!

Loved your homemade light box-very neat.

Sarah and Jack said...

I am actually thinking the opposite. Too bad for me that I dont like coffee. Smaller boobs = great! LOL