Sunday, October 19, 2008

The first chill of Autumn

Ahh the fresh crisp weather of fall. Saturday morning we got up and a few coals were still hot in the fireplace from Friday night's fire. BT added wood and I kept it going all day. In the afternoon I put a ham bone in the dutch oven and hung it from the crane. Later I add the ingredients for pea soup. Yumo!

Before bedtime I pulled this quilt out of the closet and added it to our bed. This is a log cabin I made using 304-four and a half inch squares, many years ago. I made it out of scraps from the days when I did craft shows and sold hundreds of dressed rabbits. My favorite Aunt hand quilted it for me.

Sunday we went to Immanuel Lutheran Church at Honey Creek for their fall Turkey and Sausage dinner. Lori and the boys met us there. Here is Alex enjoying his blueberry cheesecake. Brady down his cupcake so fast I didn't get a picture.

Later in the day we went on a search for hickory nuts. We didn't have to walk far before we found plenty. Way more than the squirrel's can eat.

A one point we walked deep into the woods for where we found many more hickory trees.

Jeremy and Lori stayed for dinner as we all pitched in to make dinner. BT even got the dessert out....Oreo's in Halloween style, orange centers.
I made Cranberry Salsa from Behind My Red Door's blog. It was surprisingly good, my only comment is I think next time I would add a jalapeno pepper.
In closing please visit Pumpkin Patch Primitives for your chance to enter a give away!


StitchinByTheLake said...

It's not cool enough here for a fire yet but this weekend when I'm having some girlfriends here I think we'll sit on the deck and have a fire in the chiminea. When I was a child we had a hickory tree and I spent hours cracking the nuts and eating the tiny amount of meat in there. blessings, marlene

tipper said...

Love the quilt and the fire-we've been enjoying the cooler weather too. It was 32 yesterday morning.