Thursday, October 2, 2008

Girls shopping trip to Branson

Gabby Garmin did a wonderful job getting me to and back from the Branson hills. You won't believe me but I was so busy shopping that I only took 2 pictures the whole 3 days!

I won't bore you will all the details but here are some of the highlights of the trip.


* Arrived at Branson Landing at noon. Ate at Shorty Small's before and after visiting most of the 80 plus shops.
* Got our hotel room and purchased tickets for The Twelve Irish Tenors.
* Arrived at the Quilts and Quilts Shop . 1 MINUTE AFTER THEY CLOSED.
* Got isle seats, third row from the stage for the Tenors show.
* I had a tenor on his knees singing to me in the isle. He then kissed my hand!!!

* Was having breakfast at the pancake house by 9:00 AM (not that it was a highlight, too chatty of a waitress high on caffeine)
* Purchased tickets for Breaking up is hard to do. A Neil Sedaka musical featuring his songs.
* Shopping at more than 55 shops at Factory Merchants Outlet.
* It was Senior Tuesday. I got an additional 10% off all my purchases.
* Getting to shop at the Quilts and Quilts Shop. This store had the biggest collection of patterns, and fabric that I have seen in a long time. Luckily I came out with only one piece of fabric and one embroidery pattern.
* Getting a yard and a half of Pendelton Wool for under $10. I will make myself a cape/ponco out of it. It usually sells for about $60 a yard!!
* Shopping at another 65 shops in the Tanger Outlet Center.
* Dinner at Olive Garden.
* Getting front row seats at Breaking Up is Hard to Do.
* Watching Rita getting chosen for a skit in front of the stage.
* Not enjoying myself being called upon to dance with a singer in front of the stage.

* Enjoy fresh made spice cake with creme cheese icing for breakfast!
* Shopping antique and craft shops until lunch time.
* Meeting Rita's husband Bob at noon and eating at Dick Clark's American Bandstand Grill.

At 12:30 we said our good byes. R & B headed for Arkansas and I went north. I stopped in Marshfield and had a great time visiting with Cousin Teresa. She is a very generous person, like her grandmother was. She shared 3 antique pieces with me and sent me home with a bag of old family photos. Thanks Teresa!

I arrived at home just as BT had gotten out of his jeep from work.

And so I leave you with the one photo I took of Rita, playing a game at Breaking up is hard to do play!


StitchinByTheLake said...

Darn I wish I'd been with you! I want to do the shows and find some wool and eat at all those places. :) blessings, marlene

tipper said...

Sounds like a fun getaway!

mjnauert said...

good girl. I don't think I could leave a fabric store without at least a hundred dollars worth of fabric or a your blog, and I am following you now!
take care, Monica