Sunday, April 5, 2009

Eating off the land.....Sunday anyway

First I must share one of Elizabeth's first studio pictures. She is just adorable. BT and I got to cuddle with her a little bit Saturday evening.

She is doing great. Mother is a little under the weather. Daddy made a quick trip to town today for a prescription that should take care of the problem in a day or two.

So today to give Mom a break, the two grandsons came over for the afternoon. BT and I took them to the woods where we dug dirt from several rotten logs to use as potting soil.

Two five gallon buckets took care of that. We then went to the lake behind the house, down through the ravine and dug wild ferns.

Now if I can just keep them alive. They need some trimming but I thought one shock for the day was enough.

Saturday BT worked in the forge. This is an all metal pinwheel he made. It is amazing how the metal can spin in the wind.

Forty mile per hour winds on Saturday proved that it could spin too.

After forging for a couple of hours, (he made more than one pinwheel) he came up for a beer and deer sausage and crackers. Bentley wanted in on the food. Of course Bentley gave his puppy face look until BT gave in.

Saturday night after church the neighbors joined us at LaBamba for dinner.

Here is little Colten enjoying his ketchup at LaBamba!

You can tell you've been going to the same restaurant, the same waiter when after BT orders, the waiter said to me... and you want the same too? Which is usually true. But this time I changed my mind and ordered something different. We all had a good laugh out of that one.

And Sara a.k.a. Annie Oakley, this next part of the story is for you. The son a.k.a. Starvin Pilgrim, came over after his medicine run to town. With him he brought fresh wild mushrooms!

Along with those mushrooms, he brought Deer Steaks, and fresh ground beef. So he grilled the meat, while I fried the mushrooms.

Thus living off the land title!

Oh and the deer was taken by our 7 year old grandson.

Right now it's 37 degrees. As you saw in the above picture we were outside without coats yesterday and eating on the deck. The dreaded 4 letter word of SNOW is in the forecast. Low of 28 tomorrow night. There goes all the fruit trees, the redbuds and dogwood blooms. Sarah I will let you know when the snow hits here. It should be at your house a couple of hours later.

PS Monday is my blogger friend Betsy's birthday. Would you stop by there and leave her birthday wishes!


barbara said...

Wild mushrooms and venison? You're amazing! (Spoken like a true resident of New York, right?) The baby picture is gorgeous - and the ketchup one is a keeper, too.

StitchinByTheLake said...

I'm in awe of your weekend - truly a busy one. We have the venison but not the mushrooms. I've heard they're wonderful! blessings, marlene

Sara said...

Beeeeautiful baby girl! I member those softy heads and that sweet smell...

And beautiful morels! We're still living off the dehydrated ones in the freezer. Won't be long for fresh though! We've been keeping an eye out for oysters, too, but nuthin.

I thought about La Bamba when we had a date Saturday at a new Mexican joint. Not bad. Good guacamole.


Zoey said...

Mmmm...morel mushrooms.....I used to go picking every year when I was way younger. Around here they come out in May.

Pinwheels must be the thing for spring. I've been making them from fabric while your husband is making them in metal.

I looks like you have had a very busy spring so far.

Have a great Easter. It should be fun with all the kids in your life.