Sunday, April 26, 2009

What we worked on this weekend

A gorgeous weekend. Low 80's. BT forged both days. However we didn't take pictures on Saturday, if you can believe that. Besides the bottle opener in this picture, they made S hooks, a frog gig, a trigger guard and a spatula.

Today he made some really nice hooks. He hung them behind our bedroom door to hang clothes on.

This is the old fire pot he took out of the forge today. This one had been in use for 15 years. that's the second one he's worn out in 30 years.

This is the new fire pot he put in.

I worked on this quilt all weekend. I will take some full shots after it is finished. I'm still sewing the binding on. It is a Noah Ark wall hanging that I added to and made a full size baby quilt. It is for BT's cousin, Diane. She is expecting a new grand baby in a week!

Finally BT washed both Jeep # 1 and Jeep #2. Thanks Dear!

81 degrees with storms forecasted.


Mel said...

I love your header picture! 80's, wow! It snowed here in Utah today!

Beautiful forged items!

Sarah and Jack said...

Speaking of forging, we have this camp grill thing that goes over a camp fire that is missing one of the pegs. Can he make something like that if I could be a lot more specific? LOL Hard to find someone to make a replacement and dont want to toss it!