Thursday, April 2, 2009

Lots of storage

Boy do I love this new, I mean old oak wardrobe. Look at all the storage in it. We emptied BT's 5 drawer chest, my triple drawer dresser and we still have room left.

I had a brain storm while ago, now that I don't have a place for my cobalt blue necklace holder, maybe I could hang them on the cute little hooks. See them under the first shelf?

Did you notice how high the TV is now? Great for lying in bed. Especially if you wear bifocals. Not that I am that old.

I pretty much finished Elizabeth's quilt #2 tonight. I will have to wait for a sunny day to take a picture. I can concentrate on her #1 quilt now.

10:20 PM, 39 degrees.

Outside the daffodils are blooming, the fruit trees are blooming, the redbuds are almost open, the forsythia's are bright yellow and SNOW is forecasted for Monday.


Sara said...

Oooh...the necklace holder is so pretty. Blue! I'd have to just display it in it's own right sans necklaces.

Extra room. Extra room? Maybe some day. We've been working on the closet this week: cut the hole in the wall, lined the whole thing with cedar, installed the door, multiple trips to Lowes, and bought every ding dang thing but the shelves that make up the most important part! Back to Lowes!

I can't wait for the apple blossoms. One of my favorite smells in the world. We've got April Showers today.

Anonymous said...


You shouldn't put pictures of your underwear on the world wide web.

OsageBluffquilter said...

Soory son if I gave too much information or in this case picture for you!

Tipper said...

Love love the wardrobe-lots of storage there. Our trees are all budded out too-and now a hard freeze is expected-hope it doesn't kill everything.

Love the picture of the Princess in your sidebar-she is so sweet.

Sarah and Jack said...

Isn't this weather just crazy??

I was so hot today in church I thought I would faint. And then snow tomorrow. Pffffffffffffft.

Nickie, Geno, Tar and Baby Adams said...

Thank you so much for the quilt you made! We don't know if its a boy or girl, we tried to find out, but it didn't cooperate when we had our ultrasound. I figured you guys would get hooked when Bentley came!! Your new granddaughter is precious!!!! Congrats!