Sunday, April 19, 2009

George Kraus Auction

Saturday morning as we literally climbed out of bed, (that story another day) the sky was gloomy and dark. It looked like it could rain all day.

We drank our coffee and mocha cappuccino and grabbed a few donut holes before we grabbed our rain jackets and headed to the auction.

We arrived about an hour before it started and already the cars had lined up. I could see the small tent with concessions. Beyond that there was a huge white tent. Under the big tent were all the household items. There were many wagons full of farm items sitting outside the tent.

Every where we turned we ran into someone we knew, including many classmates from our high school.

One of the first things we saw was an old rusty John Deere tractor. BT exclaimed, that's the tractor my Dad sold Leonard. Unfortunately a tree at some point had fallen across it. BT retrieved his cell phone from the jeep and called his brother Pat. You will see in the pictures the 5 family boys looking at the tractor. After BT came home he discovered the serial numbers indicated the tractor was built in 1939.

The auction started at 10:00 sharply with two auctioneers calling at the same time. I would go between the two rings and BT would come back and forth. Our son and his two boys arrived shortly after it started.

The rain held off until the last hour of the sale and then it was just sprinkles. The auction lasted over 6 hours.

It was so fun see the collections from 4 generations. I never bought a thing. Not that there weren't things I wanted there. It just seemed someone wanted them worse than I did. Most everything thing went for top dollar. There were 3 empty shotgun shells boxes. Empty boxes. They sold for $160.00. In the pictures you will see a stack of hats. They advertised AC tractors (Allis Chalmers). They sold for $190.00

My co-worked Lorie helped with the auction. You will see her in the red jacket in the pictures. The two grandsons sure enjoyed themselves. Between riding the equipment, checking out the concessions and rolling down the steep hill, we had two tired boys by evening.

Sarah was driving in from Oklahoma City and made several calls to us during the day. She arrived at Jeremy's house just before he got home. She got her first visit with Elizabeth.

At 6:00 the whole family went to LaBamba. I need to get used to asking for a table for 8 of us now, nine when Rusty comes.

It was an awesome day, good auction, great friends and my whole family together. I hope you enjoy the pictures of a day at the country auction.

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Flat Creek Farm said...

Awesome auction! Enjoyed the pictures. We're auction spectators most times - it seems everything brings '10 prices' (that's a Preston-ism). Oh well! it's about as much fun to look and visit anyway (and see what those crazy folks pay for things.. hehe). Thx for sharing your day! -tammy w