Wednesday, April 1, 2009

4 Generations

Just a little update for those wanting to know about the little princess. Like Grandma W. in Groom Tx, Aunt Sarah and Rusty on Ok City OK,the other Lizzie's Mom in Traer,Iowa, and my brother in Clovis, Ca.

Mother and daughter are doing great. The jaundice is not as bad as first thought. They are getting in some much loved naps.

We haven't seen them since Monday evening. I feel if they need anything they will call. After all we are only 2 miles away. They need to have some quality family time. We talk daily on the phone. Sometimes several times a day.

But look out tomorrow, I feel and baby fix coming on!

I wanted to share this picture with you.
Pretty cool, four generations from 6 hours old to 85. Now just who looks the most proud?

One last picture. This is Chuck. Let's see, should I say Chuck is my Mom's nephew? Or should I say my first cousin? Let's just leave it at that. Anyway, Chuck is a wild and crazy guy. This was his way of dealing with hair loss.
I'm off tomorrow to my paying job. I am almost finished with Elizabeth's quilt. At least quilt #2, #1 is still being created.

55 degrees 10:15pm


Linda said...

Congratulations on the 4 generations. My mom has 5 generations right now so I know how special that is. I remember when it was 4 generations, now it's 5.

Sara said...

One of my favorite pictures is a very similar hospital picture of my husband holding our youngest while his grandma peeks at her little face. Ah, babies...

Is that tattoo a little guy with a shovel? Ah, family... :)

OsageBluffquilter said...

Sara, it's a lawn mower. Get it?

MeetMeIntheGarden said...

What a darling baby girl princess. You might just win the tote bag!!