Sunday, March 1, 2009

Blacksmith 101

This is Derick. As he will tell you he's in 8th grade but gonna be a freshmen next year. (Remember when we were that age we always wanted to be a year older?) He is BT's great-nephew.

Here he's working on a tinner's anvil that BT sent him home with today, along with 2 sacks of coal. Too bad he didn't send him with a hammer. Oh well, good advertisement I guess for a Stanley product.

This is a spare stump we really didn't use. Derick's Dad had gotten him this so called anvil. He is using a better hammer. Well for a while it was better. That is until the screws came out of the top and the head flew off.

BT is helping him with his fire. Nice forge too. Actually Derick knew it was in the dump on the home place and dug it out. Notice the nice new motor on it.

This is the first hook Derick made by himself before we got there. Way to go Derick!

Last week Derick was here when the deer sausage making was going on. That is when he really took an interest in forging. This was his first lesson in making a hook.

BT made Derick a tomahawk. Here he's using the 50 Little giant Trip hammer on it.

A southpaw blacksmith.

The son captured this great photo of his Dad during the forge weld.

It so great to see the young interested in this craft. Blacksmithing like quilting is gaining popularity. If this young man keeps up his interest he will be helping us with demos. On second thought this young man has a younger sister, maybe I will see if she wants to learn to quilt!


Jackie said...

What a great skill to teach the younger generation!!!

Sara said...

I wish we didn't live so far away (she said presumptively) because my husband would be beyond thrilled to see the shop. Too cool!
He was on a kick a couple of years ago-wanted to make himself a little forge, he's been collecting anvils all over the dang farm, buying books, wanted to take some blacksmithing classes. I think he still will if he ever gets the chance.
His grandfather was a blacksmith-I'll have to post the photo some time.
I've been looking forward to some blacksmith posts! Yay!

Sara said...

So many things to learn at that folk school! Keeping it in my favorites for future reference. Some day...

It warmed my heart to think of you and your husband sharing the sneezing laugh with us.
Most of our shared,knowing looks are from something goofy.
Think: any dialogue from Blazing Saddles. Harumph harumph!

Tipper said...

Neat!! I'm glad to see he is sooo interested.

Jeremy K said...

Glad to see another young one getting started, BT will do him right on getting the forging down. BT and I had a good time forging at Stans and I hope Derick will get the same great fun experience. Keep him going BT :-) Jeremy K