Tuesday, March 31, 2009

I can tell I'm going to need blinders

Isn't this just adorable? It's a 0 to 3 months. I found it on sale at
Wal-Mart of all places for $10. My thanks to Kelly for the tip. I then found the cardigan for $6 bucks!

Now I can't continue like this. I never got to buy the boys clothes. Their Mom always had a supply of sale clothes way ahead of their sizes. She might have that too with Elizabeth. I'm not going to ask, I don't want to know. But if anyone has a set of blinders, CAN I BORROW THEM?

Another baby quilt finished today. Nope this one isn't for Lizzie either. This is for Claire. She was born a week before Lizzie. Her Mom works for BT.

It is a log cabin blocks pattern. The blocks are 3 3/4 inches square with 12 pieces in each blocks. I put my signature paper pieced year block in the lower right hand corner.

Spring is slowing sprouting on our hill side. These are Mayapples. They appear before the trees leaf out. The plant is sometimes called the umbrella plant because it looks like a closed umbrella when first emerging, then opens into the open umbrella shape. Plants have two stems and develop a white blossom at the junction of the two stems. The white flower is about 2 inches in diameter and grows beneath the leaves. The berry that develops is the "apple" of the plant. It is reported that the apple can be eaten however the roots, stems and leaves are poisonous. The old timers say when these appear mushrooms aren't far behind.

I will leave you with this little gem. Isn't spring wonderful!


Flat Creek Farm said...

What an adorable ensemble, and a precious baby girl! Also, it appears to me that you are a one-woman quilt factory?! Gorgeous quilts! ~tammy

Zoey said...

Oh, my, Lizzie is going to be one well-dressed little princess! :)

Sara said...

May apples mean morels! We're counting the days.

Of course I love that quilt. That blue is one of my favorites.

New grandbaby girl gives you full license to buy whatever adorable clothes you want. :)