Friday, March 20, 2009

She got a good deal, I got a good deal

So tonight I get this email. It starts like this: Dear sweet neighbor................... could I possibly interest you in doing a swap with me?

It went on to say: I have a recipe that calls for pepper jelly, I bought some that said Hot Pepper Jelly, and they're right it's HOT! I wondered if you had any of your jelly left if perhaps we could trade a bottle of home made wine for some jelly??? Did I mention that you are my favorite neighbor?

I immediately emailed her back and said I'd be happy to do a trade. But I needed tomato juice worse than wine. Now I know this neighbor. Her and her husband grow a beautiful garden and can tons of vegetables. They have probably 50 tomato plants a season.

Soon the sweet neighbor drives over with not only a bottle of homemade wine, but 3 quarts of tomato juice. You can bet I gave her 2 jars of pepper jelly!

In the end we were both happy with our deals.

54 degrees


Carol said...

Wish I had neighbors like that.

Zoey said...

How wonderful to have such neighbors. I, too, enjoy neighbors that are kind and helpful.

Your grandson did a good job taking pics for you. What are shavings?

Sara said...

My last attempt at hot pepper jelly ended in disappointment. Twice. When I tried a second time to get it to set. Then the jars cluttered up my pantry for months before I could get up the gumption to clean all those blasted jars.
Same thing with my dandelion jelly. sigh!
Too bad you live so far away...I'd trade ya some juice!