Sunday, March 15, 2009

Yesterday and today

First of all I have to apologize to the blacksmith. I forgot to post one of my favorite things he has made for me, a boot scraper! It is right by the mud room door, just as it should be.

The oak wardrobe is almost finished. Today he steel wooled it. It will need one more coat of polyurethane.

This is what the son and his friend did yesterday. What a pile of wood! It was two trees that Jeremy needed to cut out of his yard. They will make a few extra bucks by selling the pile.

Here they are resting

And someone has a birthday today! Yes it's Bentley. He is 4 today. So for breakfast I made him an egg cake, candle and all!
After all if Sara's coon dog gets home cooked meals everyday, surely Bentley can have one for his birthday.


Carol said...

I should read several of your posts before I make a comment. Got the answer to the next post by reading this one. I get behind on my reading when husband is home -- he still comes first after more than 42 years.

Sara said...

I feel so much better now! :) We're not the only ones cookin' for the hounds.

Boot scraper-I love it.

Oak wardrobe-Drool.

Picture of 2 handsome fellows next to their freshly split pile of wood, Milwaukees Best in hand-perfection!
There's just something about a man smelling like fresh air and chain saw/log splitter fumes. :)