Sunday, March 29, 2009

Catching up

WOW what a week it's been! Not only did the grandsons get a new sister, they both tried their hand at photography! Gee I wonder where they get that from? In the picture to the right, Alex takes a photo of his new Gator Golf game we purchased for him on Friday.

He is so proud of this game.

In these next two pictures, Alex took of Brady and I while we were quilting.

Don't you just love the quilting gloves? I am too tight to buy the ones at the quilting store. They usually run $14.99. These came from the dollar store, you guessed it for a $1.00

Brady loves to run the foot pedal. He is really good at it and follows commands very well. Maybe it's a step to get him sewing.

This is the finished quilt. I bought the fabric last Friday. Yes just 9 days ago.

No it's not for the princess. (I'm still working on that one). BT's nephew Cole and his wife Leah are expecting their first baby in 5 weeks. Today was the baby shower.

Here are the Norment girls. Mandy (Cole's sister) expectant Mother Leah, Grandmother-to-be Darlene and Cole's youngest sister Callie.

This was the beautiful table at the shower. Can you guess the theme? Ducks, that's right.

Remember this picture from last
April? BT worked on stripping this during
the winter months. This week he finished it. The beautiful quarter sawn oak wardrobe is now in our master bedroom. It holds all the clothes we had in our dresser and the chest of drawers.

I took plans to our cabinet maker last week for a shaker style bed. He is to draw up the cost and get back to us. It also will be quarter sawn oak. We will stain and varnish it to match the wardrobe. Now to find some
thing to use as night stands.

I have to close out with the high light of the week. Lizzie's birth! How blessed we are to have a healthy grand daughter. Mom and baby made it home Saturday. As hard as it was for me, I stayed away. They need their family time.

Sunday I only stopped to pick up Lori's gift for Leah's baby shower.

However, Sunday evening about 7, the son called and ask to borrow a cup of sugar. I said sure. He hesitated and said well he'd be over to get it. Then he started laughing. He said we figured you'd jump at the chance to bring it over.

He really just called to see if we wanted to come over and see the kids. We literally dropped everything and drove the 2 miles. While Grandpa held little Lizzie, I read a book to Alex. The boys then showed off their Gator golf skills.
I hope to have more baby pictures this week. I still haven't seen her with her eyes open. Stay tuned.

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Sara said...

LOL. The cup of sugar trick was perfect. Teasing grandparents is too easy, eh?
All them babies and kids and kin folk! Good stuff. Love the duck theme for the baby shower.

That wardrobe shines like a new penny. Just beautiful.

And for another dose of weird: We're having a bed built too. ?? Good old Dad is building ours. Our 'wardrobe?': Dad just cut a hole in the wall this evening for a closet. ha!