Sunday, March 22, 2009

Brady here reporting

Today I took Grandma's camera and took pictures. Here is Grandma making us shavings. I can eat 19 of these!

My little brother is playing on Grandpa's lap top.

From the deck I took this picture of my Grandpa varnishing some shelves.

I even found the zoom button.

And here is my self portrait.

It was fun taking pictures for Grandma. I really enjoyed eating the shavings. I don't think I ate 19 though.


Mel said...

Fun post Brady! You should get your own blog, you are good at this stuff!

I've got a question though, what are / is shavings?

Sara said...

Brady did an excellent job indeed! That was fun post and I can't wait to find out what 'shavings' are.
I'm always learning something here.

Tipper said...

Brady-you are a natural! Such a good photographer too! Well done!