Sunday, August 9, 2009

An afternoon tea party!

20 of the Tappel clan gathered at Janie's for an afternoon dress-up tea party. What a HOOT this was. There is nothing like taking yourself back to your childhood.

Front row: Clementine Agnes Crabapple, Jemima Jane Jigglejeans, Bertha Bea butterbrickle, Serenity Mable Squashblossom, Maisy Fern Fishhammer, Lucille Rae Leakyboat, Charlotte Rose Pumpernickel.

Back row, Bessie June Jitterbug, Calliope Kate Cowpasture, Beulah Mae Backstairs, Hattie Beth Hornswaggle, (Me - Petunia Polly Pettigrew), Fuchsia Sue Froghollow who also goes by the nae of Norma LeeeLait, Mom of the group, known as Camilia Faye Cornpone, Georgia Dawn Jellyjar, Magnolia Jean Maneater, Eucalyptus Anne Eveningshade who happened to be the creator of all this, Penelope Claire Pentwhistle.

Mindi-Lou Moonshine, Honey Suckle Vine and Lulu Pea Vine did not partake in the picture taking process.

I also want to tell you about some family members that could not make it.
Amber from St Louis a.k.a. Sophie Helen Stickybuns.
Sarah from Oklahoma City a.k.a. Amelia Honoria Anglegrinder
Callie from next door a.k.a. Thelma Louise Tacklebox
Elizabeth my granddaughter a.k.a.Rosa Lee Rugratt
Lori my daughter in law a.k.a Luci-Lynn Ledbottom
Leah from Jefferson City a.k.a. Shirley Pearl Saltshaker

The last to arrive was Larraine. She is sporting a dress from one of the familie's great cousins.

Here I am with BT's oldest sister, Janie.

Here is BT's mother and one of our hostess, his sister Grace.

Lorie, Mom again and Mandy.

Nine year old Madyson.

Jessica a.k.a Jermima Jean Jumpinbean fell asleep in the chair. This is what happens when you turn 19 the evening before and celebrate. . . .And we wondered why she wouldn't partake of the Mint Juleps.

Some fine details in the hats, I might say.

My godchild, Melissa a.k.a Lucille Rae Leakyboat.

All 4 tables were all set with white linens and vintage glassware.

Food! There were amaretto cream stuffed strawberries, pinwheels, stuffed mushrooms, ham/cheese cake, dill dip with rye bread, shrimp rings, sausage and crackers, lots for fresh fruits, candied apple rings, green cinnamon pickles and to wash it all down, Mint juleps or Lime sherbet punch.

Finally here was my contribution, they are mini watermelon slices. For the recipe you can go
here. You could also do this with oranges and lemons.

To keep this with my quilt themed blog, here are pictures from the show and tell. hThis was done after our fine afternoon tea.
Janie is showing her trip around the world quilt made from polyester. We all had to play where's the 2 waldo blocks. She swore two were wrong.

Mom showed her embroidered blocks. When she came home from Texas last week, she would have brought more to show, had there been room in the van.

Melissa shows the quilt she made for her daughter who loves bright colors.

Melissa had this awesome sampler quilt she saved for last. It features several hand appliqued blocks.

Grace who was the creator of this fine event, had prepared a little story on everyone to warm us up. This is what she had to say about me:
Why I’m just pleased as punch to be here today! When I told my husband, Beauregard, that I was finally accepted into the Sisterhood, it just purely made his day. He was prouder than the day our son, Bentley, was born! That Bentley – he couldn’t look more like his daddy if he was picked out of his butt with a tweezers! But he gets his smarts from his mama if I do say so myself. We did have some other children but Bentley is such a joy that we don’t much talk about the other fruit of our loins. Oh, yes, something about myself… Did I mention that my recipe for burnt beans is world famous? I have posted it on my blog: The Petunia Patch, if anyone hasn’t already received the recipe card in my annual Christmas correspondence.
I would like to say a big thank you to Grace and Janie for hosting this first ever event. Surely this will not be our last one. Bigger and better things will follow . . .


Flat Creek Farm said...

Petunia, you look fabulous, dahling! As does everyone else. What a great event. I enjoyed 'being there' so much! Thank you for sharing :) -tammy

Brandi said...

What a fun group of ladies! I am drooling over the quilts, and good heavens the "tweezers." LOL! All my boys look exactly like my husband. I'm going to have to remember that one! :P

Rural Revival said...

That looks like so much fun! Such lovely names, and the quilts weren't bad either! ; )

Becky said...

Oh my goodness, that looks like a lot of fun. Family get togethers aren't quite so fun with my family. Too much life-drama and not so high of level of acceptance and forgiveness. Maybe if more of them quilted...

Anonymous said...

YAY!!!!!!! YOU ARE COMING THURSDAY NIGHT?!?!?!?! I'M SO EXCITED!!!! Are you sitting at a table??? PLEASE FIND ME AND GIVE ME A HUG!!!!!

mjnauert said...

I know that I am not family, but the next time you have a party like this you let me know. I make a great mimosa ;)...and I just learned how to hold my pinky out when eating petit fours and drinking gin, um, I mean tea. Gracious me...

Tipper said...

Oh what fun-wish I could have come too! Hmmmm... what would I have worn : )