Saturday, August 22, 2009


We left the house before 10 AM. Stopping at the mail box made the morning even sweeter. I won a give away from Blind pig and the acorn. It came with a handmade card from Tipper. She sells them at her Etsy site. Included in the adorable card was a Wal-Mart gift card. You too can win by signing up for her newsletter. She has a give away quite often. If you leave a comment on her blog, she has a monthly give away too.

Tipper and I became friends over a year ago. She lives near John C Campbell folk school. The next time BT and I go back there for classes you can bet we are sitting a spell with them for a good little visit.

We arrived in the neat little town of Fulton. It's an adorable town with brick paved streets. It has a section of the Berlin Wall you can walk through or visit the Christopher Wren 16th Century church, which was brought over from London, England.

We visited Cornerstone Antiques. Here I found many things that made me think of my fellow bloggers. But first let me show you this wash tub of buttons! I was so in awe at seeing that many buttons, I didn't even look to see how she was selling them. Becky look there is a wire quilt rack in the picture too.

But I also thought of you Becky and took a picture of this quilt rack. It had a price tag of $19.50 minus 20% off.

Then there was this wash tub (I see a theme going here) full of printed feed sacks. This room was full of vintage linens. Of course I couldn't look through everything with the hubby with me. He doesn't have the same patience as I do, unless it features rusty iron.

And for blogger friend Sarah I found this cute ornament tree. The tree by itself is for sale for $19.95. It holds tons of vintage ornaments.

This cabinet just screams Oodles and oodles. However a trip from NY to MO would probably be too far for her to travel.

While we were in Cornerstone Antiques, the owner asked what we were look for. I told her we were wanting an oak sideboard. Oh, she said I am getting one in, it's actually from an estate sale where I bought the entire house. Let me show you a door I have from it. After much discussion, I asked if she did email? Yes, she could send me a picture. I gave her my card and she looked at it, read it, paused a minute and said I used to work with a Tappel. I said tell me where and I could probably tell you who it was. She said Interco. BT piped up and said that was "me", I thought you looked familiar.

They figured out it was 41 years ago that they worked together. Then they remembered seeing each other at an auction about 20 years ago. Small world.

Before we left, her husband took us 3 doors down to a historic building they are restoring. They have several antique oak glass front cabinets they are trying to sell. They are about 4 ft tall. The door opens, then slides inside of it. A closet rod slides out of the top of it. We let them pass. However when we got home we called back and she will send us measurements. They are pretty deep and would take a big space to use. But it's almost too cool to pass on.

Now let me introduce you to the piece we were actually going to Fulton to pick up . . . a gentleman's dresser. It is in great shape with the exception of a shiny brass lock on the closet door. BT will replace that for sure. The beveled mirror is in great shape. I can see it now with quilts stacked on the left, fabric organized by colors in the drawers and vintage linens draped inside the drop front desk.

Back at home, Jeremy had just finished putting his trailer back together. He wouldn't like me describing it this way, but it's just "sweet".

While I prepared beef tamales in the kitchen, BT and Bentley just hung out together.

Time to get the grandsons in bed now, their Mom and Daddy are out celebrating 10 years of marriage. Congratulations Jeremy and Lori!


Brandi said...

Fun day! I could have spent hours in that antique shop. What great stuff. . . and that antique dresser is fabulous! Has anyone told Bentley he's not a lap dog?? HAHA! :) Too funny.

Flat Creek Farm said...

What a fun day - much better than canning tomatoes, I would say. Love the dresser! And your plans for it sound perfect. Bentley is one big sweet puppy dog :) Yup, and Jeremy's trailer looks sweet too. -Tammy p.s. Congrats on your winnings!

Mel said...

GREAT finds!

Can't wait to see the dresser dressed in quilts!

Sarah said...

Oh the ornies are GORGEOUS! And I do have a wire tree just like that on top of my china cabinet. :-)

Sara said...

LOL! Bentley and BT made me laugh!

Cool stuff! Love the dresser.

I probably would've had to dig through all the buttons and feed sacks. I made some curtains for the fruit stand out of a couple printed burlap sacks. Not exactly professional looking, but good enough for gov't work.

Dang, you win a lot of stuff. Send me some of that luck, would ya! :)

StitchinByTheLake said...

I haven't been to Fulton in forever but I bet I go next time I'm up your way! blessings, marlene

Tipper said...

Thank you for the kind words-love the picture of BT and friend : )

Becky said...

Too bad we didn't stop by there on our way to St Louis on Sat. We might have run into you. Where is that one at? Of course, about the only thing I know how to get to is Walmart in Fulton...and a really cute park. I probably would have bought both the quilt racks. the metal one would have looked great in H's room...and she has lots she could have put on it!