Friday, August 28, 2009

stopping long enough to blog . . .

Okay this will be short and sweet. Or at least short. I've been on the run and it's catching up with me.

This is my BFF picking out what purse(s) she wants from the purse party we attended at Summit Lake Winery Thursday evening. I enjoyed my wine and my dinner. I resisted buying.

When I got home Thursday evening, I canned 27 jars of tomatoes, making juice, chili sauce and spaghetti sauce. Never mind the 18 jars of jalapeno jelly I made the day before.

Today I went to Olean, Missouri to Heather's Antique shop. A neat old building built in 1882, then it was the Mercantile Company. I asked to take a couple of pictures inside. She was gracious enough to let me take pictures and then gave me the history behind it. Included in the history tour, was the sea level marker on the front of the building!

My purchases from her wonderful shop included an old fisherman's stool. I am going to recover it to match my ironing board cover and use it to hold my box of fabric scraps when I paper piece. Cost on it $3.00. The antique fishing gig for BT $2.00, Ethan Allen Pottery lamp was on the half price table $4.00, the black doily $3.00, the little blue pottery vase $2.00. Total cost for an hour worth of shopping was $14 plus 80 cents for uncle Sam. NOT BAD!

I went to a total of 4 antique stores looking for handkerchiefs. I did not find one handkerchief. However when I arrived home I had a package waiting me from Stitchin By the Lake. What a doll she is. I hope some day we will get to meet in person, as she has a sister that lives in my town. Thanks Marlene for the sweet package!

I still have these tomatoes to go . . . . but tonight I went with the DIL and grand kids to Madison's for dinner. First we went and took some pictures of the kids. I am glad Lori's turned out much better than mine, I just need to get her copies. Aren't they adorable? OH and we ate across from the Governor's wife. Of course the governor's mansion is just a block away from this restaurant.

Tomorrow it's an 8:30 AM soccer game and then hopefully a trip to the new bakery in town,
BK Bakery.
I have to find some more hours in the day . . .


Lara said...

Wow! I'm impressed with your canning!

Flat Creek Farm said...

Sheesh! You've been busy! I'm dragging my feet on the canning business. I need to go back to my parents' and steal more tomatoes. My fridge is full of grapes for jelly. And I need to pick more. Oh, and I was also given some pears. Yes, more hours in the day would be GREAT! :) Tammy