Wednesday, August 26, 2009

I meet another Blogger in Person!

This week is going by way too fast. With BT out of town, I thought I'd get a lot more done.

Anyway today was fun, if you remember I won free movie tickets from Betsy at the movies(actually twice now) a few weeks ago. Today I asked fellow blogger, Becky to join me. We waved to each other in the parking lot (there were only 6 cars) and then introduced ourselves and hugged. Funny thing is we had on matching shirts, well almost.

We went into the theatre with our free tickets. There wasn't a crowd, in fact there wasn't another soul in the room. No need to turn our cell phones off and no need to whisper. So we got to talk out loud, laugh out loud and cry together. We saw Julie and Julia. As Betsy would say, I give it 5 giggles.

Afterwards we chatted through our entire lunch at LaBamba's. Thank you Becky for the blind date!

I then came home and washed out the gentleman's chest we bought Saturday. It was then on to the bar stools. Have you ever started on something and it seems like so much fun, then it turns into work? That's what the 4 bar stools I am stripping turned into.

I applied orange stripper to them and all looked fine. But then 30 minutes later, the elbow grease came into effect. I worked on those suckers for several hours. The sad thing is I'm not finished yet. To top it off, it ruined my manicure even with rubber gloves on.

So I am typing this with a fresh manicure and pedicure. After all I have to work tomorrow and then it's party time at the winery. It is actually a purse party.

Time for the recliner . . .


Flat Creek Farm said...

How fun! The movie and lunch, not the bar stools :) They *will* be worth the effort and ruined manicure. Enjoy your party! -tammy

Becky said...

A purse where do you get one of those. I should make a bunch of purses and have a purse party. Sounds like a blast!
Sorry I never put a pic on mine that actually showed me. At least one of us knew what the other looked like. But as you can see from my pics...I am better as the photographer instead of the model.

mjnauert said...

I always need a manicure after washing a gentlemans chest and stripping too! I was giggling to my self reading this that I just had to say it. I can't wait to see Julie and Julia. Maybe tonight...after my manicure.

Life is good! said...

you can accomplish anything with a fresh pedicure and manicure!