Saturday, August 29, 2009


With dear hubby gone for the past 7 days I had a lot planned. Check marks indicate what I accomplished.

make jelly a
bind a quilt a (almost done)
strip paint from 4 bar stools a
work on my paper piece quilt blocks (thought about it, never had enough time)
eat what I want, when I want a a a a a a a a
enjoy the covers with out playing tug of war a a a a a a a
had complete control of the TV clicker a
took a blogger friend to the movies a
went out to eat with the DIL and grand kids a
went to a purse party at the winery a
attend a co-workers wedding (sorry had too many tomatoes to can)

Plus I went antiquing, attended the 5 year old grandson's 1st soccer game, took them to breakfast at the new BK Bakery, went shopping with DIL and grand kids, worked 2 days at my paying job, mowed grass, canned 43 jars of tomato stuff, and finally I worked in a little TV time tonight.

By this time tomorrow night BT will be back and it will be like he never left. Gosh I missed that guy!

I'm signing off now, I just remember I bought a jug of Cosmo's and it's chilled now.


Brandi said...

Whew, you have been busy!!! I love it when I have control of the remote! :)

Tipper said...

You've been busy as a bee : )

Becky said...

Wonder if I can accomplish that much in the two weeks J will be in Louisianna...hope so. There is wedding sewing next weekend for two siblings getting married, birthday party stuff and presents still needing done by the 12, etc, etc, etc.

Life is good! said...

sounds like a busy week to me, but if you did stuff with your grandkids then it was wonderful, wonderful, wonderful!